19 Texting Rules for Guys to Make Her Interested in You (2023)

There’s an efficient way to get more matches, dates, and bedroom activity.

All you need to do, is follow the texting rules.

You’ll know if your text is good or bad, if you know these 19 texting rules for guys!

You get:

  • The Rules of Texting: A complete guide for men
  • The most repulsive texting mistakes lined up so you can avoid them
  • My POV and TOV tricks that make your texts more attractive
  • The #1 rule to ask someone out for a first date
  • Why you shouldn’t use sarcasm in your text messages
  • 2 Texting rules that Barney and Robin from How I Met Your Mother fail to apply
  • More…

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#1 No Reply? No worries!

Potentially one of the worst feelings ever:

Looking at your phone, hoping for a text back from the girl you like, but there’s nothing…

…even though she has posted a new Instagram story since you last texted her.

The following is one of the main causes of texting troubles for guys.

When they don’t get a text back as soon as they would have liked, they lose their sh!t.

And do you know what most guys will do now?

They start rereading their conversation.

Analyzing, and over-analyzing every text sent and received.

Looking for the mistakes they made. They HAVE to be there! Why else would she not reply?

How about next time she doesn’t text back, you do the following:

Put away your phone, make a fresh coffee, and hit the gym. Or read a book. Anything is better than playing TextGod and analyzing your own conversation.

Why do I make this statement?

Well, if you had the knowledge to find the mistakes you made, you likely wouldn’t have made them in the first place.

(And you wouldn’t be here right now)

The main thing your analyzing will do, is put you into your head and make your next text something in between needy & so ‘overcrafted’ that it has no authenticity left.

The main thing that you need to do right now, is giving her space and time to reply.

And when you really like a girl, that’s not an easy thing to do. But you still have to.

When talking about texting rules for guys, we could say you want to give her about 24 hours to reply.

Funnily enough, a dating coach from another country texted me yesterday. He was in a bit of a pickle with a girl he was really interested in. She was leaving his city and soon and he wanted to see her ONE more time. Unfortunately for him, she had plenty of things to do and people to see before departing. She didn’t even respond to the text he had sent her the day before…

Now he asked me what last text I would send her to make her respond, and ideally meet up again.

(That’s right, he wanted to double text her. More on that later in this post!)

By the time I had seen his text and given him my take on the situation, he responded with:

Thanks for that bro, in the meanwhile she has already responded.

Exactly my point.

#2 Don’t be lazy

There’s about 666 things you shouldn’t save time or energy on.

And ONE of them, is starting a conversation with girls.

Have you ever texted a girl this dreaded three letter abbreviation:


Short for What You Doing?

You probably have. And if you haven’t and I can’t shame you for it. Then we can shame ME. Because I myself have sent this text in the past.

And I will never again.

Here’s why:

This text adds nothing to the girl’s life. It doesn’t make her laugh, it doesn’t give her a good feeling, and it sure as hell doesn’t make her find you more attractive.

The only thing it does, is asking for her attention. Like a kiddo pulling its parent’s arm because it’s bored.

19 Texting Rules for Guys to Make Her Interested in You (1)

This you when you hit her with the “wyd?”

What you forget when texting this to a girl, is that you’re not the only guy craving her attention. And out of all guys texting her, at least 69% is hitting her with the “wyd?” or any of these wyd? variants:


Got plans?


Again: they offer nothing, they only ASK for something.

After hearing from multiple girls that it’s one of the major turn offs, I pledged to never use anything similar again.

So, my guy reading this. Make it a texting rule to never “wyd” her again.

Instead, do this:

#3 Share your POV

In this tip, I’ll give you one texting rule to transform your texts from needy to interesting by changing just one thing.

19 Texting Rules for Guys to Make Her Interested in You (2)

How you can stand out from the swarms of peasants sliding in her DM with the “wyd?”.

We just said that these guys are only asking for energy, without offering any.

That’s the core of what they’re doing:

Asking for investment, without offering investment.

The opposite of fair trade.

Resulting in you looking boring, lazy, and unattractive.

So, what’s the texting rule to easily stray away from this?

By investing in her first, before asking for any investment.

AKA by not sending her a question, but dumping something in her inbox that has a bit more value.

Like a random photo from your POV (point of view), or something funny you stumbled across.

Holy Tip:

This investment you make in her doesn’t have to be anything super amazing. If you like it, it’s worth sharing.

One thing that 100% of the time works 69% of the time… are puppies or cats. Depending on if she’s more into cats or doogers.

19 Texting Rules for Guys to Make Her Interested in You (3)

I know this lovely lady is one sucker for puppies. So whenever I come across a tiny dog, I bless her with it. And every time she loves me for it.

Does it take me more effort to forward a meme or video than texting “wyd?”?

No. It doesn’t.

Does it have one gazillion times better results?

Yes. It does.

So, texting rules for guys numéro 3: Send her photos and videos instead of questions begging for investment. Share your POV.

#4 Use what’s proven to work

If a millionaire offered you a sneak peek into his money making methods for free. Would you have a look?

And what if someone rich in girls offered you a sneak peek into his girl getting methods for free? Would you want to have a look?

If the answer is yes, then you’re in luck. I’m giving away my 10 texts that always work. 10 texts my coaches and I use time and time again, because they work for each of us.

And they work for you, too.

So go ahead, click here and get my 10 texts sent to you.

You’re welcome.

#5 Be clear in your TOV

Ever sent a text you found funny, only to find out that she didn’t find it funny at all?

Maye she even got mad at you?

I sure have.

And it taught me a great lesson that I’ll share with you right now.

Because these texts that accidentally offend her, oftentimes didn’t HAVE to offend her.

It’s often not the content of the text that upsets her…

…it’s the way she reads the content.

Am I getting too vague here?

Alright, let’s make things crystal clear with an example:

Look at this short and sweet excerpt from the TV series How I Met Your Mother:

Robin jokingly texted her date they’d dress up as Hansel & Gretel.

However, the poor guy didn’t get the joke, so which Robin says:

I’ve got to stop making jokes in emails. It’s so hard to convey tone!

—Robin Scherbatsky

If you, as a guy, use a lot of emoji’s, then your TOV will be very happy, bubbly, girly, Disney… very FEMININE.

If you type every text with perfect punctuation and capitalized letters, your TOV will be very strict, serious, dominant.

It’s only YOU who knows what the tone of your text should be…

So, my dear reader, allow me to translate this into a texting rule for guys AND girls:

If you can interpret your texts in different ways, then your TOV is not clear enough.

Change it up, before you stir confusion in your crush’s brain.

#6 Their is a difference

If you didn’t spot the massive grammar mistake in this title, then you’re lay count will likely suffer.

And if you didn’t spot the mistake in the sentence above, then the amount of matches you’re getting, will suffer too.

Even though 60% of men will still go on a date with someone who makes grammar mistakes… 65% of women won’t.

There’s plenty of studies done that have proven us that spelling and grammar matter.

Not only are some girls turned on by correct spelling and grammar… not a single girl is attracted to poor use of language.

So nice and easy:

Texting rules for guys #6: Proofread your profile’s bio and double-check texts for grammatical errors

Or as rapper Ice Cube would say:

“(Spell)Check yourself before you wreck yourself!”

And your passive attractiveness will increase.

Your welcome.

You’re welcome.

#7 Texting rules for dating (Ask her less!)

Start reading this tip if you want to be more charismatic over text, and less needy.

Nice, you started reading it.

(You didn’t forget that God is the all-seeing, did you?)

Now keep reading if you don’t want to text like a pussyboi asking questions all the time.


Let’s catch two birds with one stone.

Or two babes with one boner. That would be cool too.

Either way, here’s another texting rule:

Delete some of your question marks!

And while you’re at it, change up the world order a bit. So we can transform a text like:

Hey, want to go on a date sometime?

To something like this:

Hey, I briefly experienced heaven yesterday when I tried the strawberry pie at Coffee Bar X. I feel it’s my duty to accompany you there sometime so you too, can briefly peak through the pearly gates.

“Uh, Louis, you didn’t just remove the question mark and change the word order. You changed that text up A LOT”

Did I?

Oh damn, I tend to do that to shabby texts.

Force of habit.

But the main point still stands.

The question mark was removed and the word order was changed to turn the question into a statement.

And yes ok, guilty… I also made the whole date proposal a bit lighter, funnier, and lively.

And oh yeah, I also left out the word date because so make it easier for your match to accept your meetup proposal. A date sounds very formal and important. An easy way to scare off a lady or two.

Speaking of scaring away women…

#8 Ask her even less

The previous rule was about asking her out. This one will help you have more engaging conversations.

What I’m about to tell you, is one of the first conversation tricks I taught to bootcamp students when I still had time to coach.

And if you do this correctly, your conversation will transform from job interview, into pure magic.

Here are two random questions men love to ask:

What do you do for work?

What do you like to do for fun? 🙂

And if you and I were at one of my workshops now, and I’d ask everyone to raise their hand if they’re guilty of asking these questions, then you’d see something like this:

19 Texting Rules for Guys to Make Her Interested in You (4)

Everyone is guilty of this from time to time.

Whether it be in a club, a bar, on the streets, when meeting friends of friends, or when texting.

And there’s nothing really WRONG with that… but you can switch these cliché questions into powerful tools.

Here’s what you do:

When you’re curious what she does for work and you’re about to ask her…

…ask yourself instead!

What do you think she does for work?

Does she looks like the typical accountant type? Great, you can work with that!

Does she strike you as a history teacher? Great! You can work with that too!

If you’re not as quick witted as you’d like, then you can tell her this:

I don’t know exactly why, but you strike me as an accountant.

Kind of random maybe, but you look like a history teacher to me

Here’s what happens when you do this:

  1. It’s not a boring question anymore (that she already had to answer this week)
  2. She’s now wondering why you think this of her
  3. If you made your statement playful or teasing, she might just continue that vibe with yo

I just said the last two texts are things you could have said if you are NOT as quick witted as you’d like to be.

Anyone can turn a question into a statement like that. Even face to face in a bar.

But we’re talking about texting here.

And the good news about texting is that it isn’t as fast paced as a face to face conversation.

You have time to reply.

That’s time to make your basic statement into something extra. Something more playful.

So, you thought she looked like an accountant?

Fine, let’s play with it and paint a picture for you and her to enjoy:

You know, when I saw you I could totally see you being an accountant. I can totally see you digging deep in someone’s financial mess. Calculator in one hand, e fancy pen in the other. Nerdy glasses on your face. Trying to find all sorts of backdoors to keep your client out of trouble.

I’m not sure if she’d ENJOY this, but it will definitely make her want to respond. She will probably feel an urge to defend herself. Saying she’s not that nerdy, for example.

Most people will want to know WHY you thought this of them.

And then you can either tease them again, or weasel your way out of there with a casual

I don’t know, that’s just what I thought haha

Anyway, remember this as one of the rules of texting:

Replace boring questions by daring statements

On to the next tip, which is short, but crucial.

#9 It all starts with balance

Nothing worse than sending a lengthy text and getting a short reply…

This rule of texting will help you to keep the conversation going.

One way a lot of guys phuck up, is by accidentally losing balance.

They score a new match or a number and start a conversation, but before they know it…

…it turned from a conversation into a monologue.

If you know of yourself that your enthusiasm can get the upper hand, then try the following. Instead of letting your enthusiasm get the upper hand and banging out lengthy texts… try to keep amount of text sent completely balanced at first.

19 Texting Rules for Guys to Make Her Interested in You (5)

Holy Tip:

Use absolute balance as a guideline in your text conversations.

Not as a strict texting rule.

If you notice yourself often over investing, then try texting about ⅔ the amount she texts you. Just as practice.

Test out complete 50/50 balance and the rule of ⅔ and see what the results are for you.

Just remember to use this as a guideline.

Treat these more as texting guidelines for guys, than texting rules for guys.

#10 Think of her as a vegetarian

I’m going to keep this SHORT.

Because it shouldn’t need much explanation.

Think of her as a vegetarian. That means:

Keep your meat to yourself.

Your sausage. Your shlong. Your snake. Your donger. Your fleshflute.

Don’t ever send her a dickpic without her asking for it or without being in the middle of ultra spicy sexting. And even then, showing your battering-ram can take away a lot of the magic. Depending on how visual the lady concerned is. But that’s something for a whooooooole ‘nother kind of article.

#11 Here’s when to respond

Hey Barney, can you tell me again when to text back?

19 Texting Rules for Guys to Make Her Interested in You (6)

Thanks, Barney.

This will get you a Legen-

Wait For It…

-DARY Failure.

It’s always good to be reminded of how NOT to do it.

And instead of explaining everything in theory, I’ll give you a real-life example.

A friend of mine, let’s call him Josh, has been living the player lifestyle for a healthy amount of years now.

He has no trouble meeting girls and he has no trouble sleeping with girls.

He does, however, have trouble keeping girls around.

Why do you think that is?

Is his D-game shabby?

Does Josh not master the fine art of licking and dicking?

No, he does.

I know from multiple sources that Josh knows his way around the vag.

Here’s where poor J. screws up:

His texting habits are sloppy.

After he has shared the bed with a girl, he tends to forget about texting back in time. So when he does finally text back, the vibe is ruined already. Women feel like he doesn’t care about them. Even though that’s not always the case. Josh has a busy life and texting with him can be an absolute nightmare.

Because Josh doesn’t text back within 24 hours, he often loses the girl he likes.

Even after he’s already had multiple dates with her!

19 Texting Rules for Guys to Make Her Interested in You (7)

So screw what Barney says.

Don’t worry about playing hard to get too much.

Rules of texting for guys: Try texting back within 24 hours.

Now what if she doesn’t text YOU back within a day?

#12 Here’s what she OWES you

The sooner you accept this as one of the texting rules, the less frustrated you’ll get on your journey to finding your perfect wifey.

There are so many screenshots being shared around the internet of guys absolutely LOSING. THEIR. SH#T, when girls don’t give them what they want.

These nice guys go into epic rages, calling their texting partners all sorts of stuff.

Now I know that most of my readers are too well educated for this kind of social suicide…


…just to be sure…

…here’s a list of everything the girl you are texting owes you:

  • Nothing
  • Nothing
  • Nothing
  • Nothing
  • Nothing

There. Did I miss anything?

Nope, looks like all of it.

Just because a girl replies to you, doesn’t mean she will go out with you.

Maybe she just wants some validation. Maybe she likes the texts you send but doesn’t feel the urge to meet you face to face.

Texting rule for guys: It’s her right to just text with you and have some fun, just like it’s your right to move on to the next girl.

Save yourself some frustration when she doesn’t want the same things as you. Your annoyance won’t change her mind.

In the next tip I’ll tell you what your annoyance WILL do for you

#13 Good mood = good loot

Ever feel annoyed, sad, down, angry, or any other negative feeling?

Damn, you must be human just like everyone else.

Here’s a quick texting rule for when you’re not feeling your best:

Don’t text.

People in a bad mood don’t text for the right reasons.

When you’re feeling extra lonely, your texts will be extra needy.

When you’re feeling infuriated, your texts will feel aggressive.

When you’re in a good mood, however, your texts will be better than ever.

So, m’reader, next time you’re cranky, go watch some Twitch or go workout.

Your future self will be grateful.

#14 There’s a place for sarcasm

Speaking of ruining a good mood…

Ever had a good conversation when suddenly you crack a joke and…

…the other person doesn’t laugh. Because they don’t get it.

You’re now in a horrible spot. You have two options:

  1. You ignore that it happened and let your high IQ joke go unnoticed (this option pains your ego)
  2. You explain your joke. But…

Explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog. You understand it better but the frog dies in the process.

― E.B. White

RIP, healthily flowing conversation. You will be remembered.

Texting rule for guys, and girls: Don’t use sarcasm in your texts.

Sarcasm is great in real life. Through text it’s hard to make your sarcastic tone come across.

So IF you use it, make it extra clear. Add a dumb emoji (or 10), or wRiTe yOuR tExT lIkE tHiS. No one will ever doubt if you’re serious when you text like that.

Did you see the latest Avenger movie? How was it

WoW, iT waS so ePiC anD noT pRediCtaBlE at aLl! *insert a ton of emojis here*

Now if sending texts like that is too much for you, or might creep your match out…

…then just don’t use sarcasm and avoid looking like a fool.

Now, before you take this tip to heart, read the next rule of texting.

#15 NEVER use these emojis

As a man, never use this emoji:

19 Texting Rules for Guys to Make Her Interested in You (8)

A favorite among cutesy girls. This emoji reeks of girlishness and that’s exactly why you are NOT allowed to use it.

Unless if you’re role-playing anything female.

But then again there’s never a good excuse to role-play.

Unless if it ends in you and her doing all sorts of kinky stuff.

Anyway, don’t use that emoji of the monkey covering its eyes.

Also, don’t use these emojis:

19 Texting Rules for Guys to Make Her Interested in You (9)

Holy Tip:

Only use emojis when they are absolutely crucial for your text. If the text carries the same meaning without the emoji, then leave it out.

There are other sorts of images that you ARE allowed to use to your heart’s content. Let’s cover those in the next tip.

#16 How to make her laugh when you’re not funny

Did you know that a recent study showed that 33% of communication happens through memes?

And did you know that I pulled that out of my ass 100%?

But, I do believe that memes are love and memes are lyfe.

And NOT just because they give me a funny feeling in my stomach…

…but also because they make flirting so much easier.

Easy and convenient.

All you need these days to make girls laugh, is a couple good friends.

And if all is well with you and your friends, then you should be in a group chat somewhere.

And in that group chat, your friends post funny memes and videos every now and then. All YOU need to do, is forward them to the girl(s) you like. If it made all of you guys laugh, it can probably make her laugh too. And all you had to do was forward the funny thing. Amazing.

(Don’t forward them on WhatsApp or any other app that adds the message ‘Forwarded’ to the image. If that’s the case, then just save it to your phone or copy the link to the video, and then share it with her. Nobody likes to just get stuff forwarded to them. We feel more special if we think someone sent something directly and exclusively to us.)

Now, before anyone shouts they don’t have any friends. Or no meme-spreading friends…

…follow a funny meme page on Instagram, Facebook, or whatever platform you like browsing.

19 Texting Rules for Guys to Make Her Interested in You (10)

Memes and funny videos are in the same category as fluffy puppies and kittens.

They work. Oh boy they sure do work.

19 Texting Rules for Guys to Make Her Interested in You (11)

So… baby animals, funny videos, and memes are all approved for texting.

What can a fine gentleman NOT text about?

#17 Texting rules in a relationship

If you ever think about sending your girlfriend the following message…

Baby, we gotta talk…

19 Texting Rules for Guys to Make Her Interested in You (12)

Hold your horses, my emotional brother.

You’re about to break one of the texting rules for guys.

Any guy texting this, or anything alike, is planning on dumping half a novel on his girl. Ready to air his heart and tell her what’s been bothering him.

This could be something between him and her. Or it could be…

…a fight with a friend

…a family affair

…an existential crisis hitting the poor man

It could be anything serious or sensitive.

Definitely nothing light.

And that, my dear reader, is a problem.

Holy Tip:

Texting is for short, fun, flirty things. Anything serious or very personal is better over the phone, and preferably face to face.

Don’t forget about the little sack of skin dangling in between your hairy legs. There should be two nuts in there. Your balls.

Grab them for courage, and meet up to discuss serious topics.

Texting is not the best medium to discuss such matters.

And it makes you look ghey.

Next, I got some good and controversial news:

#18 Texting rules for double texting

I’m going to make a statement about you, even though I probably don’t know you personally:

You have double texted in the last month.

Shame on you, sinner!

Hasn’t every dating guru ever told you NOT to double text?!

What are you, some needy peasant without self-respect?

Enjoy the friendzone, loser!

Oke, enough role-playing.

On a more serious note, double texting isn’t very sexy. Imagine you text Sarah, and Sarah doesn’t text back…

…but you want to keep talking to Sarah, so you hit her up a second time (AKA a double text.)

Then this shows Sarah how badly you need her attention.

And does Sarah want a guy chasing her like a starving dog?

Or does she prefer a guy that she has to put some effort in, making her feel like she had to win him over?

Having railed Sarah a couple times, I can tell you she prefers the second guy.

Here’s an example of a girl double texting my good ol’ coach Dan:

19 Texting Rules for Guys to Make Her Interested in You (13)

Now here’s the dealio:

Don’t worry if you sent the last text, and now you want to start talking to her again.

As long as this doesn’t become a patter, it’s fine.

Don’t be a cuck begging for a woman’s attention day in and day out. She will only get LESS interested.

Instead, before you send her a text, think to yourself:

If I received a text like this… could I easily respond to it? Would it make me giggle? Would I rather receive this than not receive it?

If the answer is no, no, and no, then don’t send it in the first place.

You’re setting yourself up for a double text.

#19 Obey this texting rule and your texts will sound like magic to her ears

I saved possibly the best rule for last.

And to be fair it’s not really a rule… it’s more of a recommendation.

Something you wish someone told you way earlier, but no one did.

And since it’s the end of this article, I’ll serve it to you no-bullshit-style. Straight to the point.

Question: what does text miss that face to face conversation has?

Right… a shitton of things.

Including but not limited to:

  • Intonation
  • Timbre
  • Tone of voice (remember rule #5?)
  • Volume
  • Expression

All of these are lovely elements to play with, and to make a bigger impact with.

Unfortunately you can’t transmit them through written words…


…you can convey them through…

…voice messages.

…or phone calls.

The only difference is that a phone call is more difficult to set up. And requires you to respond on the spot.

Whereas with voice messages you can sit back and relax, take all the time you need to respond. Just like with texts.

And I know… you probably think you won’t be good at them. Or that your voice isn’t good manly or sexy enough.

Screw that!

I don’t think I’ve EVER had a compliment on my voice in real life. And I’ve spoken to about 69 billion people.)

But as soon as I send voice messages… oh lawdy. It’s like I won the compliment lottery.

19 Texting Rules for Guys to Make Her Interested in You (14)

This is just one out of 69 voice compliments I have received. You can find them spread throughout my other articles.

Anyway! Those were 19 Texting rules for guy to abide if you want to be more attractive to girls over text.

Louis Farfields

PS: don’t forget to pick up your copy of the TextGod Toolkit, right below ⬇️

And don't forget your download below ;)

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