A guide to jaw fillers (2023)

A guide to jaw fillers (1)

For the past few years, New York City facial plastic surgeon Dr. Lesley Rabach has grown a roster of male clients who come to her downtown office in a steady stream to strengthen their jawlines.


  • Plastic surgery for men is normal
  • The procedure
  • The power of the jaw
  • Risks of getting jaw filler
  • There’s more to being hot and successful

Rabach uses an injectable filler that costs $2,500 per two-syringe treatment, and most clients visit four times a year. She tells The Manual, “It sounds like a lot of money, but the confidence these guys have after makes a tremendous difference. They feel spectacular.”

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But why?

Plastic surgery for men is normal

Without being knocked out or going under the knife, guys are getting $10,000 jawlines to redefine the structural shape of their faces. Many of Rabach’s clients are the “Wall Street type,” she says, who become more self-assured at work with a stronger “power jaw.”


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While plastic surgery and injectables have become more popular among women — celebrities like Katy Perry, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Halle Berry have talked openly about injectables to normalize the practice — more men are showing interest in enhancements. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 1.3 million cosmetic procedures were performed on men in 2018, which is a 29% increase since 2000.

Placed at the corners of his jaw and his chin, the filler enhanced his natural boning, creating a more chiseled jaw.

Rabach confirms she has seen more men coming into her office. In fact, the majority of her clientele are guys. She became the go-to jaw-maker of Manhattan because of one longstanding male client.

This client of Rabach’s first came to her for Botox injections. He said everyone at the office assumed he was angry all the time because of deep vertical “11 lines” in his forehead, the center forehead creases that create a scowl. With small doses of Botox, his muscles relaxed and he was psyched about the results. After a few sessions, he asked Rabach about his jawline.

Rabach suggested dermal filler, a temporary hyaluronic acid injected via syringe into strategic areas to add volume and fullness. Filler doesn’t last forever, as the body naturally dissolves it over time. “They are non-permanent and temporarily enhance the boning architecture you already have,” Rabach explains.

A guide to jaw fillers (2)

With this client, Rabach did three syringes. That may sound like a lot, but keep in mind five syringes are equivalent to a tablespoon of filler. Placed at the corners of his jaw and his chin, the filler enhanced his natural boning, creating a more chiseled jaw.

“He closed a crazy deal the next week,” Rabach says. “Maybe he would have either way, but his jaw gave him a wow factor.” Now he comes back at the end of every quarter like clockwork to get his jaw spruced up, and so do many of his coworkers and friends.

“It spread like wildfire,” Rabach says. “Men really do want to feel their best and are more open to talking about filler.”

The procedure

The procedure is done in 15 minutes and lasts about one year. However, it does start to dissipate slowly. Most plastic surgeons will start with small amounts, done over time, and layer the filler for a more natural transformation.

Leading up to the appointment, it’s suggested to not drink alcohol or take aspirin, flax oil, cod liver oil, or other essential fatty acids that can prompt bleeding and bruising. However, it’s not “dangerous” to have these, it just makes you look like a member of Fight Club.

You may feel a bit of pressure during the filling, but it’s nothing like waxing. Overall, pretty pain-free.

The actual filler is like getting a shot at the doctor’s office, only in your face. You may feel a bit of pressure during the filling, but it’s nothing like waxing. Overall, pretty pain-free.

Downtime after the procedure is minimal. Just wait 24 hours until working out or drinking. Some plastic surgeons, like Rabach, decrease the odds of any bruising that can result from using a syringe and instead use a cannula. They both look like needles, but a cannula goes through the subcutaneous layer of skin rather than cutting through tissue and vessels like traditional needles.

The power of the jaw

“There have been a lot of famous men with big jaws and big noses, like Abe Lincoln and Bill Clinton. It’s a quality associated with powerful people,” Rabach says.

A strong jawline also gives a man more sex appeal, according to a study published in the journal Nature Communications. It communicates higher testosterone and a stronger immune system, naturally attracting potential mates. Combined with a sharp and angular chin, these traits together project more power and attractiveness.

A guide to jaw fillers (3)

Experts have honed the exact degree to which the most attractive jawline should angle down. Aesthetics Journal writes, “The aesthetically ideal male lower face is characterized by a square projected chin and well-defined jawline. The chin-neck angle (submental-neck line) of less than 130 degrees is considered optimal for a man. While female attractiveness mostly lies in the cheekbones, male attractiveness is thought to be in the chin and a stronger masculine appearance can be achieved by creating a square chin.”

Women can also seek a more defined jawline via cosmetic fillers. Rabach says, “the most sexy thing for a woman is to have a slightly masculine jaw. When you read all the literature on the analytics of beauty, women and men are considered the most beautiful when the female features are slightly masculine and the male features are slightly feminine. Think of Brad Pitt — smaller features, high cheekbones, but a masculine jawline.”

Risks of getting jaw filler

Any side effects that may come from getting jaw filler are usually temporary. If you’re getting filler for the first time, you may not know yet if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. If this is the case, your healthcare provider may try injecting just a minimal amount at first to check for allergic reactions. Usually, reactions appear within minutes, but can take up to a day.

Areas around the puncture marks will appear red and may bleed for an hour or so after the procedure. This is normal, and the irritation and redness should decline throughout the next two days.

If implanted incorrectly, it is also possible that your jaw may look swollen or asymmetrical. If you notice a slight imbalance, most will allow you to come back for touchups free of charge. If one side ends up larger than the other and you do not feel comfortable adding more filler, your jaw will naturally return to normal over time.

There’s more to being hot and successful

Yes, a defined jawline can indicate attractiveness, but there’s a whole lot more to closing deals and finding your perfect match. Like humor, attitude, lifestyle, intelligence, and whether you’ve read all these Hemingway novels.

Rabach is the first to say, “Nothing that we do is necessary.” However, if any guy is considering having a filler consultation, Rabach’s advice is to vet plastic surgery doctors. “Our aesthetic is very natural, we like to go slow and layer over time and not make any great changes,” she says, adding that other practices in different cities favor more drastic changes.

If you’re interested, request to have a consult to get an idea of what would be done, then ask to see before and after photos of other clients. Read copious reviews online and start saving because $10,000 isn’t chump change.

You could put that toward a house, a super expensive rum, 250 pairs of new jeans, or, hell, a power jaw. Guys, you’re allowed to be selfish and feel pretty.

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