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Can constant use of headphones give dent your head…..
You may have noticed some dent in your head when you wear your headphones every day. It may be a temporary dent in your head. When you hear music or do gaming for a long time and wear headphones, you may feel some headache caused by the constant pressure caused by the headphones, and when you remove them, you may notice a dent in your head right where it band sits.

It may become an alarming condition for you when you see a dent in your head and you ignore it and after a while, when you check again, it is still there.

Headphones cause a dent in your head and they can deform your head but they are unable to harm your skull if you use them for a long time for music listening or for gaming. This dent is because the pressure of the headphones especially noise-canceling headphones leads to Headphone Hair or a dent on the scalp from having headphones on your head for a long time.

Headphones are really important for professional music composers or for the people who do professional gaming. They have to wear it for a long time. Wearing headphones for your professional purposes can give temporary indentation which doe not harm your skull by any means and it is removed after some time.

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Dent due to Headphones Hair

It happens when we wear headphones for a long time which just flattens the hair on our head where the band of the headphones lies which shows a minor temporary indentation in our head but it does not harm our skull.

Dent due to wearing headphones

Yes! a dent may appear in your head after wearing it for a long time. This is completely temporary and you don’t need to worry at all. It will disappear after a short time span.

When should you be worried about a dent?

There are certain cases in which you should get worried about indentation in your scalp and you see it is not removed after some time. This indentation is usually due to pain or swelling which is an alarming situation and in this case, you should seek a doctor.

There may be some generic issues or serious diseases which need to be cured immediately. Some of the diseases are as follows.

Congenital skill indentation

This disease is usually in newborn babies in which there are sutures that are flexible joints/holes allowing the skull bones to expand. These sutures remain open to allow the skull bones to expand enough.

Congenital skull indentation disease is just because these sutures close too early and thus the brain pushes against the skull which appears as a dent. This condition is called Craniosynostosis.

Some babies can also be born with this disease called Craniosynostosis in which there is already an indentation that should immediately be sought.

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Paget’s disease of the bone

This disease is generally in old people in which new bones are generated faster than their normal process but they are weaker than average. This condition appears when your body is in a normal recycling process.

This may cause our bodies to look deformed. This disease may create some minor fractures in bones and we may feel bone pain.

Gorham’s Disease

It often appears in people when a skull dent’s diagnosis results in a loss of the bones. Because your bone mass is replaced by the new skull tissue which causes Gorham’s disease. This disease appears when there is an abnormal proliferation of vascular channels within the bone.


In some cases, there has been diagnosed that skull dent and deformation in the skull structure is due to bone cancer. Abnormally our cells grow in the skull which destroys bone tissues and leads to Bone Destructive Cancer.

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Trauma is a severe case of injury affecting our skull in which bones of the skull are damaged heavily and give a dent to the skull. An injury like this in which a fracture gives a dent to the skull is called a depressed fracture, It should immediately be cured to avoid any further damage.

How to avoid the headphone/headset dent?

You must reduce your time wearing headphones if you wear them for a long time then indentation may come from time to time.

If you have to wear them for a long time and if you are a professional gamer then you must follow the guidelines below.

Wear headphones over the back of your head

The headphones above the head need to be tightened to avoid them from falling. They had to be placed on the same point for a long time which creates pressure on the head.

TIP: You must use headphones that go over the back of the head which does not create any kind of pressure and also keep relaxed your head. It will weigh light and ultimately, there won’t be any indentation problem.

Wear a cap under the headphones

You can also use a cap which will lift a little bit of the headphones’ weight. The cap serves as padding on the head which adds an extra layer of protection to bear pressure. It reduces the pressure and distributes it all over the head equally.

You can use a comfortable cap to wear on the head before wearing headphones hence you can wipe out any dent in your head.

Adjust the fitting of Your Headphones properly

Headphone fitting force can also make you uncomfortable. They become the main cause of giving a dent to your heads.

If the headphones are too loose become uncomfortable and become a headache to keep them fit on the head.

If the headphones are too tight, they put so much pressure and their clamping force will give your head a dent. But, you must resolve issues if you are facing any of them.

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If the headphones are too tight, you can make them a little bit looser to make them get fixed on your head. You can do it by fixing certain thing which carries a little more size than your head.
In this way, it will be a little loose.

If your headphones are too loose, you can fix them by applying some force from both sides of the headphones for a long time which will make the headphones a little flexible to fit on your head.

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Use lighter headphones or earbuds

If your headphones are too tight or it is giving your head a lot of pressure which is giving you a constant headache, you should opt for lighter headphones or use earbuds instead if you have to wear them for a long time.

It will relieve the pressure and your head will be relaxed.

Can headphones affect the shape of your ears?

If you are wearing headphones for a long time, it may also deform your ear shape a little bit. But, when you take off the headphones, you may see changed ear shape was temporary.

You just don’t need to worry at all if your ears have been dented or not. This is just because you have been wearing it for a long time and it is just an illusion of your eyes.


We have guided you in detail about the dent to your head which is not forever if it is caused by your headphones which you have been habitual of wearing for a long time. If you see a little bit of indentation, it will fade away after a while.

But, We have also signaled you about the dents which are not due to your headphones but it can be a sign of severe skull disease like Cancer, Trauma, or Gorham’s Disease which must be cured immediately.

If you have any problems relating to your query, you can comment down below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most congenital skull deformities are in newborns and are resolved in less than 4 months. Otherwise, they have to be immediately treated by a doctor and cured

  • Wear a cap under headphones
  • Try to make fitting your headphones according to your head.
  • Wear headphones over the back of the head

Dent is mainly caused by the headphones’ pressure, which may temporarily deform the head shape and is backed in its original form after some time. This may be due to the congenital skull deformities in newborns cured after a few months.

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