Chapter 2 Too extravagant - I Am Born With A Silver Spoon - Hamlet - Hinovel (2023)

It turned out that the parents and sister were all lying to him about going out to work.

Later, Chen Hao called his parents to verify, but his parents were angry at his sister for telling him the truth in advance. Then, they apologized to him.

His father said he has only one son, and he wanted his son to have a strong character, so that is why they let him think he was poor. They had a lot of catching up to do.

It was only when Chen Hao finally took out 100000 cash from the bank and received some golden cards sent by his sister, that Chen Hao was fully convinced that this was not a dream!

Chen Hao felt conflicted.

Yang Xia, if you haven't broken up with me, you could have gotten anything you wanted.

And Xu Nan, Lu Chen, you both come from wealthy families, always surrounded by ass-kissers and sycophants. Maybe a little taste of your own medicine would be nice.

Chen Hao laughed bitterly.

It was almost noon when he left the bank and reached the school gate.

Chen Hao's cell phone rang. It’s the supervisor of the dormitory.

“What’s up?”

“Chen, are you okay? Why aren't you in the dorm?”

“Oh, I came out for a walk.”

“We’re all worried about you, you know? By the way, today is Ma Xiaonan’s birthday, but she couldn’t reach you, so she let me ask you whether you’ll go celebrate with her or not. Apparently, she mentioned it to you a few days ago.”

Hearing this, Chen Hao scrolled through his missed calls. There were many, including one from Ma Xiaonan.

Ma Xiaonan was Chen Hao's classmate. She’s very beautiful and they got along well.

Now that he broke up with Yang Xia, Ma Xiaonan was the only female friend he had.

She did insist that he must come to her birthday party but at that time, he barely had enough to eat, so he didn’t promise her that he would come.

But now, things have changed. Chen Hao decided to live like a normal person with his own circle of friends.

Why not?

He could afford to buy a gift. Hundreds of gifts actually!

Hanging up, Chen Hao glanced around. Among the shops around him, only Hermès caught his attention.

This is an internationally acclaimed luxury store. The products are pricey, but it still attracts a bunch of rich kids on campus so they could keep up with the last fashion.

Before, Chen Hao never expected to enter a shop like this. Now, he had a VIP shopping card that his sister sent to him, he couldn't help but feel excited. Hell, he could buy this store on a whim

Chen Hao was not used to spending his money, but using a card made it a lot easier!

Taking a deep breath, Chen Hao walked into Hermes.

"Hello sir, how may I help you?"

The well-groomed waitress greeted Chen Hao politely.

Despite her attempts to remain professional, after seeing Chen Hao’s style of dress, there was still a hint of disgust in her eyes.

"I'll just look around." Chen Hao said. This was the first time he had come to such a shop. He really didn't know what to buy.

Soon the waitress’s attitude became a little cold. She even rolled her eyes.

"Darling, can you buy me a bag?"

At this moment, a familiar voice rang through his ears. A tall and beautiful girl appeared, holding a boy's arm.

Chen Hao turned his head to look. Suddenly his face changed.

It was Yang Xia and Lu Chen.

"Oh, here you are, Mr. Lu Chen. Is this your girlfriend? So beautiful!"

When the waitress saw Lu Chen, her attitude did a drastic U-turn. She hurriedly welcomed him with a smile.

Lu Chen's family was rich, so he was always in the spotlight no matter where he went. He smiled at the waitress and said, "Thank you, Miss Zhang Ru. She is my girlfriend, Yang Xia. I want to buy her a bag."

Yang Xia blushed. Lu Chen was really amazing. He’s respected everywhere he goes.

Yang Xia pointed at a branded bag and said, "Darling, I want this!"

The bag was on display, looking amazing.

The waitress Zhang Ru said with a smile, "This bag is a collection made by Hermes during its 200th anniversary celebration. Only 200 sets have been produced in the world. Only 200 sets have been produced worldwide. It cost 70,000 dollars!"


Yang Xia almost covered her mouth in shock.

Lu Chen's eyelids fluttered slightly. He said with a smile, "Zhang Ru, if I guess right, this bag is handmade by Hermes. Given its excellent workmanship, it's ranked among the top 10 list of the world's luxury goods, despite being on the market for only a year. Am I right?"

The waitress was slightly surprised, "Wow, you know a lot!"

Lu Chen shook his head, "Although I enjoy luxury goods, I can’t claim to be an expert." Then he looked at Yang Xia, "My dear, you really have good taste. You were eying the bag the moment we walked into the store. But why don't you take a look at others, preferably in the range of five to six thousand dollars.”

Lu Chen would rather die than pay 70,000 dollars for a bag.

Yang Xia pouted. "But my roommate’s boyfriend bought her a bag that cost more than 8,000!"

“Okay, maybe next month when I have more spare cash.”

At that moment, Lu Chen’s description of the Collector’s Edition bag had caught other people’s attention. They started circling in on the luxury bag.

They were all young students, but they were very fond of luxury goods.

Chen Hao wanted to leave since no one paid attention to him. Yang Xia’s presence only made that feeling stronger.

At this point, a young waitress walked over and gave Chen Hao a bow.

"Hello, sir, w...what can I do for you?"

Based on her timid response, Chen Hao guess that she was new.

But her manners warmed Chen Hao’s heart.

“Uh, I want to buy a gift for a friend.” Chen Hao replied.

"Sir, do you have a shopping card for our store? You can get a discount if you have one.”

Chen Hao was her first customer. She didn’t care about Chen Hao's clothes. She was just using what she learned in training with a low-risk customer!

"Oh, yes, is this one okay?"

Chen Hao took out the global supreme shopping card.

The waitress’s eyes widened at once.

"Is that... a Centurion card?"

She was full of disbelief. How can an ordinary student own a Centurion card?

Chen Hao was stunned, "What is a Centurion card?"

"Sir, the Centurion card is the top class card which can be overdrawn to thirty million, and the minimum spending limit is seventy thousand dollars!"

Chen Hao was even more confused. He knew that his elder sister was rich now, but he didn't expect to be so well off!

“Sir, given the price range of our goods and the limitations of your card, the Collector’s Edition bag is the only item you may buy. Allow me to show it to you.”

The waitress bowed repeatedly. Chen Hao was too embarrassed to follow her at first.

On the other side of the store, Yang Xia was admiring Lu Chen’s exhaustive knowledge of luxury goods.

They saw the little waitress come in with a key to pick up the bag in the cabinet.

Zhang Ru frowned and asked, "Wang Xiaofei, what are you doing?”

Wang Xiaofei replied in a low voice, "I am taking the bag out for a customer."

“Is it something you can see if you want to see it? Who wants it?”

Wang Xiaofei looked at Chen Hao respectfully. "This gentleman!"

Lu Chen and Yang Xia glanced at the 'gentlemen' at the same time. Everyone was stupefied.


When Chen Lu saw that it was Chen Hao, he laughed out loud.

If he could, he'd be lying on the floor laughing.

“What? This guy wants the bag?" Lu Chen pointed at Chen Hao, behaving like he had heard a great joke. “If that guy worked every day for 10 life-times, he couldn’t afford to buy that bag!”

Yang Xia, too, looked at Chen Hao with disdain. Obviously, he was humiliating himself in front of all these affluent people.

The other waitress’s face fell, “Wang Xiaofei, what’s wrong with you? Who in this area could possible afford this bag?”

“No, he's got a Centurion card. He is a VIP customer!"

"Oh, please!" Lu Chen couldn’t hold back his laughter, "VIP customer? You don’t know he is our top poor guy!"

Yang Xia yelled at him, "Chen Hao, how can you embarrass yourself like that. Get out of here!”

Chen Hao listened to their taunts. He just thought it was too funny to let continue. He confidently strode toward the counter and slammed the Centurion card on the table.

“I'll take the bag.”

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