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Your dab bong is usually much smaller than a standard bong and less intricately designed. Small dab rigs are ideal for retaining the flavor of terpenes by keeping the vapor thick, dense and milky. The less space the vapor needs to travel, the more flavorful your hits will be. With that said, most dab rigs for wax usually don’t utilize percolators or additional filtration devices. Dabbing doesn’t require combustion, so the less diffusion occurs, the more flavorful your hits will be.

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With that said, less is more with concentrate water pipes. There are all sorts of different designs out there from lazy to crazy, but the less your vapor has to filter, the better your dabs will taste. Keep it simple, economic and efficient, and make sure it’s compatible with your banger. Match the joint size, angle, and sex of your rig with your banger or nail for the best results.

What is a dab rig?

A dab rig, also known as an oil rig or a wax rig, looks a lot like a small bong. It’s typically made from glass or silicone and maintains a small stature that allows you to vaporize concentrates efficiently. They come in many different sizes and styles, including recyclers and water pipes with percolators and additional filters. However, since no combustion is involved with dabbing, you’ll get the best flavors and hits from smaller water pipes that don’t have percolators.

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What is the difference between bongs and dab rigs?

So, are dab rigs different from bongs? While they’re both used to consume cannabis, they each have their own purpose. Bongs are typically larger in size and contain many different percolators and water chambers that allow you to filter out ash and enhance the flavor of cannabis flowers. They usually come with a bowl head attachment, too.

On the other hand, dab rigs are much smaller and way less fancy. Since there is no plant material being combusted, there is no need for a bunch of percolators or extra water filtration. Most dab rigs have a single water chamber and a small pathway for the vapor to travel through so that you’re getting the most out of your dabs. They usually come with a banger attachment.

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Do dab rigs get you higher?

Bongs and dab rigs get you the same level of high. The difference is the products you use with each. Flower checks in around 20-25% THC while dabs check in between 70-99% THC. Dabbing will get you much higher since the dabs themselves are concentrated. With that said, a wax bong used for dabbing will get you higher because you’re running dabs through it. If you swapped out your banger on your rig for a bowl head, you’d only get as high as you would smoking flower through an ordinary bong. Dab rigs get you higher because concentrates get you higher.

How to use concentrates with dab rigs?

Using concentrates with a dab rig is pretty easy, but you’ll need a few materials to get started.

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  • A dab rig
  • A banger or nail
  • A carb cap
  • A dab tool
  • Your favorite concentrates
  • A torch or e-nail
  • Isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs

Once you have all your materials, here’s how to dab:

  1. Add water to the water chamber in your dab rig and attach your banger to the rig
  2. Use the torch or e-nail to heat up your banger to the ideal temperature. We created this guide for taking the perfect low-temp dab.
  3. Allow your banger to cool down if you’re using a torch, or come to the correct temperature if you’re using an e-nail. If you’re using a torch, wait about 30-45 seconds or use a terpometer to find the right temperature.
  4. Scoop a dab of your favorite concentrate with your dab tool and apply it directly to the bottom of your banger and inhale.
  5. Cap your banger with the carb cap and inhale deeply.
  6. When you’re done, allow your banger to cool down. Use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to remove leftover dab residue from your banger.

What are the best types of dab rigs?

The best dab rigs are borosillicate glass dab rigs. Borosillicate glass is stronger than standard glass and heavier, so it tends to be more table stable and less prone to breakage. They also hold up to the heat very nicely so you can avoid heat-stress related cracks and replacements. The type of borosillicate glass rig design you choose mostly boils down to personal preferences in terms of aesthetics. But more or less, you’re looking for something small without a ton of percolators or unnecessary bells and whistles to preserve your flavors.

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What to think of when buying a dab rig online?

If you’re buying a rig online, you’re going to want to look at 5 main things: the size of the mouthpiece, the material it’s made from, the joint size, whether or not it has water filtration and percolators, and the overall size of the rig.

  • Mouthpiece: Choose a dab rig that has a smaller mouthpiece. Dabbing doesn’t involve clearing the chamber. Instead, the banger allows air to pass through constantly. With that in mind, a small mouthpiece allows you to appreciate the flavor of your dabs without wasting them.
  • Material: Dab rigs can be made from glass or silicone. Silicon stays cool and typically lasts a long time, but it usually alters the flavor of your dabs a bit, doesn’t contain any percolators, and can be a bit more difficult to clean. Glass is always a good choice since they’re easy to clean, stand up to heat well, and contain water filtration and percolators. Out of all the glass rigs, borosillicate glass rigs are the sturdiest for all intents and purposes.
  • Joints: Not all glass joints are the same size, so if you already have a good banger, you’ll want to buy a dab rig that will fit it. Typically they come in 10mm, 14mm, and 19mm sizes with a male or female joint. 10mm joints are usually ideal for dab rigs because there’s more airflow restriction, which encourages the best flavors out of your dabs. Female jointed bangers tend to get stuck to a male rig due to reclaim buildup, so people typically prefer to buy a female dab rig and a male banger in the 10mm size.
  • Filtration and percs: If you’ve ever hit a bong without water in it, you know how much it sucks. A dab rig should have at least one chamber for water. However, you don’t want to overdo it. Your dab rig doesn’t need a ton of percolators since there isn’t any combustion involved. Very little percolation is required for dabbing, but they do help cool off your dabs. With that said, choose something that has two to four percolator holes since they won’t bubble your water too much or increase the airflow volume.
  • Size: Dab rigs should be on the small, simple side. Larger water pipes mean more volume where your vapor can lose potency and dissipate from the amount of oxygen it has to travel through. The smaller the rig, the better the taste of your dabs.

How much do dab rigs cost?

You may be wondering how much you should expect to spend on a dab rig, and what is the difference between expensive and cheap dab rigs. Dab rigs range from $50 to thousands of dollars based mainly on artistry, craftsmanship and design. Cheap dab rigs will do you right in a pinch, but they are more susceptible to breaking or not having appropriately sized joints. Joints that don’t fit quite right can alter your airflow and make it more difficult to get a good dab. But at the end of the day, the biggest difference between expensive dab rigs and cheap dab rigs boils down to the material used to make it, and the level of craftsmanship and artistry. More percs or intricate borosilicate glass designs in many different colors usually means a much more expensive dab rig. Cheaper dab rigs are very plain and may not be made as well as more expensive glass.



How long do you heat a yo dabba dabba banger? ›

Made from food and medical-grade quartz, Yo Dabba Dabba's Quartz Bangers are available in a variety of sizes with matching Quartz Carb Caps to improve heat retention and allow lower temperature dabs. Our standard 2mm Quartz Banger can be heated in 10 seconds or less and is more durable than both glass and ceramic.

Is yo dabba dabba legit? ›

Yo Dabba Dabba is a really excellent company. Their customer service is top notch.

How do you hit the perfect dab? ›

When taking a dab, there are a few essentials you need to get right to achieve the best, more flavorful hits,
  1. Stick to high-quality concentrates. ...
  2. Make sure you're equipped with the right dab tools. ...
  3. Know the optimal dabbing temperature. ...
  4. Clean your dab tools regularly. ...
  5. Master the advanced dabbing techniques.
Aug 3, 2022

Why is my dab rig not hitting? ›

When the nail is too cold, it can't effectively vaporize the dabs, which can result in less smoke. To fix this problem, try heating the nail for longer before placing the dabs on it. This will ensure the nail is hot enough to vaporize the dabs properly.

How do I know if my banger is hot enough? ›

A quartz banger should be heated for at least 30 seconds, and probably no more than 60, until it is glowing. A glowing quartz banger is over 800° F, but after another 30 to 60 seconds, it will drop to around 350° - 400° F, which is the perfect temperature for a safe, flavorful hit.

Can you over heat a banger? ›

Too hot and your concentrate will burn. Too cold and your concentrate won't vaporize at all. If you just picked up a new quartz banger nail, or haven't been able to master heating your quartz banger, we've got some tips that anyone can follow for the perfect dab.

How do you use yo Dabba Dabba? ›

Yo Dabba Dabba's digital eNails are affordable and easy to use. Simply plug the power cord into an outlet, set the temperature and dab on! The mini eNail heats up twice as fast as the classic and compatible with various coil sizes and nail styles.

Where is yo dabba dabba located? ›

So we set up shop in Phoenix, Arizona to change that. Ever since, we've been the leading US-based company when it comes to high-quality dabbing equipment, tools, rigs, bangers, carb caps, e-nails, terp pearls, inserts, storage containers, and countless other accessories.

What is the strongest thing to dab? ›

There are many types of dabbing extract, but crystalline is the most potent variety of all. This is extremely pure cannabinoid crystals, often sold as a single chunk, which can then be broken down.

Can you dab too hot? ›

One of the most critical factors in dabbing is finding the perfect temperature to take your dab at. When a dab is too hot, the vapor could burn your lungs. If you take your dab when the heating element is too cold you won't get the full effects of your cannabis concentrates.

What is the easiest dab method? ›

If you have nothing else on hand, the hot-knife method is the crudest, simplest way to enjoy a dab. You essentially heat up a metal butter knife on the stove or with a torch lighter, drop your dab onto the hot surface, and inhale the vapors through a straw.

How long should you wait to hit a dab rig? ›

Therefore, after heating your nail with your torch, it is crucial to wait at least 30-45 seconds before taking your dab.

How do you get milky dab hits? ›

At 600°F, you'll start to enter the high temp zone where your dabs will be more potent and milky. You'll lose some flavor with a high temp dab, but it's less likely that you'll leave behind oils when dabbing at such high temperature ranges.

How big should a dab hit be? ›

Half a Rice Grain, or Smaller

It sounds small, but just wait until you try it. If your metabolism is such that half a grain is a gentle experience, start slowly increasing the amount, stopping at about 1.5 rice grains in size per dab.

How many seconds should you heat up a banger? ›

Typically you want to heat your banger nail for about 30 seconds and then let it cool down for just under a minute. If you're dabbing in a cold room or have been using the nail for a while you can adjust that time by 10 seconds or so.

How often should you change your banger? ›

Clean your banger after each use

A single dab doesn't warrant a deep clean. However, you still want to make sure your banger is clean after every dab so that the next one doesn't taste bad, and so that you don't run the risk of chazzing it with the leftover oils from your first dab.

How do you cold hit a dab? ›

Instead of using a torch to heat the nail up before applying a dab, cold-start dabs are done by placing the dab on a cold nail that is heated up after. They're kind of like the bong rips of dabbing. Because the heating process is reversed, cold-start dabs are also sometimes called reverse dabs.

How long should I soak my banger? ›

For a deeper clean of your chazzed banger, bust out the isopropyl alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol is the ultimate cleaning agent for long-term care. Simply soak your rig, nail and all, completely into isopropyl alcohol. Think a few hours to an entire day, depending on the level of chazzing.

How much water do you put in a dab rig? ›

If you're using a dab rig, fill it with enough water to cover ~3/4” of the downstem and get ready to heat your nail. For an e-nail, choose the best temperature for your concentrate and wait for it to indicate that it's fully heated.

What is the best temperature to dab rosin? ›

The concentrate experts at äkta recommend a window of 375-500°F as the optimal range for enjoying our Live Rosin, to ensure you get the full spectrum of delicious terpenes from our carefully cultivated cannabis sourced from Hava Gardens.

How do you use Terp beads? ›

How Do You Use a Terp Pearl?
  1. Step 1: Add to Banger. Place your terp pearl in the banger of your dab rig. ...
  2. Step 2: Heat & Add Concentrate. Begin by heating your banger to your preferred temperature. ...
  3. Step 3: Cover with a Carb Cap. Make sure you have a carb cap on hand, and use it to cover the banger. ...
  4. Step 4: Inhale.

Do dry dabs get you higher? ›

Dab hits will get you significantly higher than bong hits because dabs are concentrates whereas bong hits are from smoking dry flower. Concentrates are, simply put, the most potent parts of the cannabis plant, whereas flower retains the properties that will not get you high.

What alcohol is best for dabs? ›

Here's what you need for a squeaky clean dab rig: Cotton swabs or Q Tips. Isopropyl alcohol.

Are dabs stronger than vape? ›

People dab because the process is more potent than vaping. The higher concentrations of THC you will find in dabs and other cannabis concentrates significantly reduce the amount you need to reap the cannabis benefits. Dabbing is also quick, different, easy to accessorize, cheap, versatile, and easy to take on the go.

How do you know when a dab is done? ›

Higher Temperature = More Extraction of Oils

So to me, the easiest way to tell if you're done vaporizing is if you hit the max temperature on your vaporizer (or 235C) and you're not getting any more visible vapor. If you can't see or feel any vapor, there isn't any left to come out.

How long do I torch my banger? ›

The standard time to heat up a banger nail is about a minute, making sure that you use the torch on different parts of the piece during the process: 20 seconds on each side and then 20 seconds on the top.

What is the benefit of dabbing? ›

Benefits of dabbing

For most dabbers, the biggest advantage of dabbing is that the effect is much cleaner and stronger than a joint or vaporizer. Though dabbing is not typically used by medicinal cannabis users, it theoretically could be an effective route for acute symptoms because it is fast acting and effective.

What is the cleanest way to smoke dabs? ›

Mini Rigs are the most efficient way to smoke dabs, allowing you to smoke less concentrate while still experiencing the same enjoyment. You get bigger hits than a vape pen, and all you need to smoke wax with your rig is a torch and a dab tool. But a quality rig isn't all you need.

Is dabbing smoother than smoking? ›

If you're comfortable with using a variety of consumption methods and enjoy experimenting, you may find that doing a little dab is to your liking. It's generally a smoother inhale than smoking flower or vaping.

How long do you hold a dab pen? ›

Most pens will have this occur around 8-seconds. More experienced users may decide to draw for the full 8-seconds and more novice consumers may start with a smaller 2-second inhale. Once you actually take a vape hit, don't hold it for a long time thinking it's going to help you get higher.

What is the rarest dab? ›

The rarest dab is the squidward dab.

What is a ghost dab? ›

Dabber Ghost is the original low-heat vaporizer pen for oils and waxes. Our Titanium Technology heats to the ideal temperature slowly, instead of burning red hot on contact.

How many hits is 1 gram dab? ›

A 1g cart (10 x 3) should be able to get you roughly 300 hits. Roughly 250-350. This is all dependent on how hard you pull, how long you pull, the viscosity of the oil, the humidity of the environment you are in, the charge level of your battery and type of battery, amongst other things.

Is it better to have a big or small dab rig? ›

When it comes to dabbing, smaller rigs are always better than larger ones. They're more efficient, easier to use, and less expensive in the long run. They also make your concentrates last longer, produce bigger clouds of vapor you can inhale, and are much safer to use than larger rigs.

Do you heat up banger beads? ›

Many first-time users wonder if they should put their dab pearls in the banger before or after heating. It all depends on your preference. But, it's most common to heat the banger with the terp pearls inside. Drop the pearls in, heat your banger, and let it cool to your desired temperature.

How do you cold start a dab with a banger? ›

Take your regular size dab and place it into the banger. Put your carb cap on once the dab is inside. Take your butane torch and heat evenly around the bottom of the banger as normal, but only heat for about 10-15 seconds. Stop a few seconds after you see the dab starting to bubble up.

How do you heat up a Terp slurper? ›

I like to use a baseline of 60 seconds of heat up time, spreading the heat around the terp slurper as best you can, focusing the heat on the bottom dish and center tube. I then like to wait about 40-60 seconds for the banger to cool down before dropping in the dab.

Why isn t my Terp ball spinning? ›

Why Aren't My Terp Pearls Spinning? You may be using the wrong carb cap. A directional airflow carb cap is required when using terp pearls to achieve a spin. If the carb cap is not the problem, it might be time to give your terp pearls and banger a thorough clean.

How do you know when your dab is done? ›

A DabTab is done when it is a toasted brown color, if it is darker than that, you are vaporizing at too high a heat. Every Rig is different and just like traditional dabbing, you should explore and make adjustments to temperatures to find what is right for you.

How many seconds should I wait after heating banger? ›

On average most people wait about 15 seconds after heating it before adding their dab. Since quarts retains heat extremely well, you don't need to worry about dabbing immediately after you stop torching it. If you prefer higher temp dabs we recommend waiting about 10-15 seconds before dabbing.

What is the right temperature for dab? ›

Nevertheless, the average temperature agreed by many regular dab users and cannabis connoisseurs to have a good dab using an enail ranges between 400°F and 800°F. The best temperature will depend more than all on the user's personal tastes when smoking.

What does chazzing mean? ›

What is chazzing? Chazzing – or chaz – refers to the burnt-on resin that can accumulate on the bottom and sides of your quartz nails. This harsh and grimy surface is not very welcoming for your tasty terps.

How long should you let a dab cool? ›

A decent starting point is heating your banger for about 30 seconds and allowing it to cool for 45-50 seconds, then adjusting both times as needed. Also, be sure to clean your banger with a cotton swab after each hit.

Is a nail or banger better? ›

The differences are pretty small, so it all boils down to your personal preferences and your ideal experiences. If rich flavors and fast dabs are your forte, opt for a banger. If durability and heat retention are more your thing, you'll love a titanium nail.

Why does my dabs turn black? ›

It also happens from not properly cleaning your dab nail after each use, so there's leftover residue the next time you heat it up. Over time, all of the goop adds up into a dark brown/black-colored banger that will remind you of using truck stop restrooms.

What is a terp slurp? ›

What is a terp slurp dab nail? A Terp Slurp dab nail is a different type of quartz banger that offers improved circulation on your dabs, allowing you to take bigger hits and enjoy better flavors without having to overheat or reheat the nail.

What is slurper? ›

(ˈslɜːpə ) noun. a person who slurps his or her food or drink.


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