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"NEW" - Growing Engagement

DEAL ALERT: Publishing

INDUSTRY: Online Media Outlets

Overview: This company operates a national network of online media outlets leveraging the power of journalism and narrative journalism to advance community change. Currently publishes weekly digital issues covering the regions of Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee. All counted a total of 20 titles currently providing issue impact news to these communities in five states.

Customer Profile: Working with key community stakeholders who have a shared affinity and missions through an underwriting model of publishing. This model includes partnerships with local community funds, nonprofits and foundations, businesses, civic institutions, that support and expand coverage of community and economic development, social innovation, city building and place making. The award-winning journalists engage the community through regular editorial advisories, events, and conversations to build trusted relationships with leaders and residents that helps shape the community’s unique stories.

Competitive Positioning: This company has shown a consistent growth in revenue since 2019. Prefunded, multiyear contracts with a coalition structure limits risk, increases operational efficiencies and has greatly improved client retention. There is a market opportunity for scaling into additional cities. There is a pipeline of underserved news locations with an interested in bringing this company to their communities. As the news landscape continues to shrink the opportunities for this business continues to grow. This company’s current newsletter is subscribers 259,075, 2.5 million annual readers with a reach of 7.37million, social media users, 215,000.

Types of Revenue Generated: The Company produces several consistent types of revenue and special projects. These include:

  • Underwriting/Sponsorship
  • (Embedded journalismin communities lacking news sources) – Title
  • (Engaging youth in community while amplifying youth voice) – Youth Voices

Ownership: The Company is an LLC with three partners. Majority owner has 51.60%, partner has 47.40% and minority share is 1.00%

Financial Picture: Revenues continue to grow since 2019 with very strong repeat customer renewals each year. No client accounts for more than 10% of Total Revenue and 2022 Adjusted EBITDA margin is over 16%.

NDA REQUEST/EMAIL: Tim Smith at [emailprotected] or call (541) 817-5449

Global Dairy Industry Subscription & Advertising Publishing Business

DEAL ALERT: Publishing

INDUSTRY: US & International Dairy


Subscription-based weekly dairy trade publication with coverage including pricing and production trends; marketing and technology; legislative, environmental, and regulatory issues. The publication delivers vital information on changing prices of raw ingredients, new manufacturing products, and technological advances, allowing producers to navigate complex market barriers while providing the freshest products to the end user.

The company also produces exclusive content delivered through digital and print channels that keeps its audience engaged with its brands.

Audience: Over 6,300 Industry executives and 1,650 paid subscribers focused on the dairy business, especially cheese production. Audience includes associations nationwide, independent producers, banks, industry executives, consulting firms, and more. They are reached via a Weekly Newsletter, Weekly Newspaper, and Annual Reports.

Advertisers: Leading dairy processing and cheese production suppliers. Examples include Tetra Pak, Advanced Process Technologies, Deville Technology, and Loos Machine.

Competitive Positioning: The company offers a unique, value-added product to the market that can only be provided by a weekly publication that has built working capital over 144 years, and offers the in-depth stories needed to compete in today’s marketplace.

Type of Revenue Generated: A mix of advertising, subscription, and market reports. The largest portion of the business is derived from advertising with majority being repeat clients. Substantial recurring revenue from paid subscriptions.

Ownership: The company is privately held and owned by one individual. They have not raised any outside capital.

Financial Picture: Over 8% Revenue growth in 2022 with a stable growth pace for 2023. Revenue has rebounded to higher than pre-pandemic levels with consistent growth trends in display advertising.

NDA REQUEST/EMAIL: Tim Smith at (541) 817-5449 or [emailprotected].

Family Newspaper with Weekly & Digital Publications Business for Sale

​DEAL ALERT: Publishing

INDUSTRY: Newspapers

REGION: North Central Kansas

For nearly a century, this newspaper family has been committed to maintaining a print media presence in the local communities of North Central Kansas. The company includes two papers published 3 times a week and, a weekly paper and a weekly regional shopper, digital publications, and social media pages for the latest news & events in these three counties.

Annual gross revenue is top one million dollars, and with a stable staff in place, plenty of growth opportunities are available to the next owner.

NDA REQUEST/EMAIL: Tim Smith at (541) 817-5449 or [emailprotected].

Award Winning Weekly Newspaper in Midwestern Region

​DEAL ALERT: Publishing

INDUSTRY: Newspapers (Weekly)

REGION: North Dakota

Award-winning weekly newspapers on the state and national levels. This Company has had a reputation as being one of the best weekly newspapers in North Dakota for decades. It has a wide reach among its readers, with roughly 20 percent of circulation to former out-of-state residents.

Customer Profile:
The stable advertising base covers Transportation, Communications, Medical Centers, Local Governments, Business Associations, Banking, Retail, Grocery, Higher Education, and Agriculture.

Competitive Positioning:
Great Journalism keeps the competition out of these market areas.

Financial Picture: The property held its gross revenue in the low 600K to the mid 700K over the past five years, with an increasing EBITA.

NDA REQUEST/EMAIL: Tim Smith at (541) 817-5449 or [emailprotected].

Monthly Newspaper serving Southern Florida Coast

​DEAL ALERT: Publishing

INDUSTRY: Newspapers (Monthly)

REGION: East Coast – Florida


This Company is a free distribution monthly newspaper delivered to residences in the South Florida market. Founded in 2008, it serves an incredibly affluent set of towns located along the Coast. The towns constitute some of the highest income neighborhoods in Florida. Two editions of The Newspaper are produced every month for a total distribution of more than 15,000 copies. The paper is also available through local hotels, business, and libraries. Total audited readership is more than 38,250.

Customer Profile:

A diverse customer base that reaches most industry verticals – with some heavier concentration in Medical/Healthcare, Real Estate, Food/Beverage and Arts Venues to name a few.

Competitive Positioning:

The Company selected this 22 mile stretch of the Florida east coast which was not being served by any other news organization in 2008. Additionally, there are no other weekly or monthly paper focusing exclusively on this marketplace. Featuring engaged, well-educated readers with 85% of the households have at least on reader.

Type of Revenue Generated:

This monthly newspaper regularly produces over $700,000 in Gross Revenue annually.

Financial Picture: Revenues compared to 2020 are up almost 38% with very strong repeat customers and strong advertiser loyalty. No client accounts for more than 10% of Total Revenue and 2022 Adjusted EBITDA margin is over 12.31%.

NDA REQUEST/EMAIL: Tim Smith at (541) 817-5449 or [emailprotected].

Community Journalism in the Pacific Northwest

​DEAL ALERT: Publishing

INDUSTRY: Newspapers (Weekly)

REGION: Pacific Northwest

​The paper services the communities along the border of Oregon and Idaho. The region has experienced steady growth in recent years as the state’s largest metroplex has grown. The well-managed family-owned weekly newspaper has provided these communities with impactful news.

The print facility is the region’s hub for newspaper printing and specialty print work. The newspaper is a central part of the communities, its revenues have returned to pre-pandemic levels, continuing to serve its loyal readers and advertisers. Embracing Digital opportunities will continue to grow revenue.

NDA REQUEST/EMAIL: Tim Smith at (541) 817-5449 or [emailprotected].

Community News Outlet

​DEAL ALERT: Publishing

INDUSTRY: Newspapers (Digital)

REGION: Coastal San Diego

The online turnkey operation is priced to sell. This news product serves one of the most affluent beachfront communities in San Diego County with passionate local coverage of news, events, and lifestyle. Over the past 12 months, engagement has been growing, as are the revenues. The publication has had positive cash flow for the last three years with an impressive high-profit margin for each of these years. Fully staffed and ready for the next owners.
NDA REQUEST/EMAIL: Tim Smith at (541) 817-5449 or [emailprotected].

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