[Top 12] M&B 2 Bannerlord Best Infantry Units To Have (2023)

[Top 12] M&B 2 Bannerlord Best Infantry Units To Have

12. Aserai infantry

I've played Bannerlord for numerous hours, and I can state with certainty that the Aserai infantry unit is one of my personal favourites. Seeing them charge madly into enemy lines with swords blazing and cause mayhem in their wake is simply so wonderful. It's especially astonishing how swiftly they can move across the battlefield. I've discovered that their speed and agility make them good at flanking opponent troops and catching them off guard.

Yet, because of their low armour, they are more exposed to opposing strikes. They are less successful at maintaining a position than certain other infantry units, making them a poor choice in defensive battle situations. But, the Aserai Footman is unquestionably a viable option if you're seeking a quick-paced, aggressive playstyle. Overall, if you value speed and mobility in your infantry forces, I heartily suggest the Aserai infantry unit

Here are some valuable tips and information for players considering the Aserai infantry unit:

Initially, make use of their speed to your advantage and concentrate on flanking enemyforces and making surprise attacks.Combine them with ranged troops for maximum impactand be sure totry various formations and strategies, such as shield walls or wedge formations, to see which one best suits your playstyle.

Let me tell you that using the Aserai Footman unit in Bannerlord is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences. There is a thrill of anticipation as they charge into battle with their swords uplifted. They are fascinating to watch as they dart in and out of the ranks of the enemy, slashing and dicing with their lethal two-handed swords. Yet more than only their speed and agility contribute to their effectiveness. They may also ambush and flank their adversaries, taking them by surprise and striking them with powerful strikes. Pure delight is felt when an enemy soldier is brought to the ground with only one swipe of the Aserai Infantry's sword.

The Aserai Infantry excels in:

  • The Aserai Infantry is one of Bannerlord's fastest and nimblest infantry units, enabling them to move about the battlefield with ease and effectiveness.
  • Close combat: The unit excels in close combat, as their quick blows allow them to quickly sever even the thickest armour.
  • The Aserai Infantry is skilled at the surprise and flanking strikes that catch its adversaries off guard and deal tremendous damage. Because of this, they are a very potent unit for players who want to employ uncommon strategies in battle.

Some reasons to prefer this unit:

  • The Aserai Infantry unit is undoubtedly something to think about if, like me, you enjoy playing as a quick-thinking commander. These men move around the battlefield with great speed and accuracy, similar to Bannerlord's ninjas.
  • Even more advantageous is their prowess at close quarters. There is nothing quite as thrilling as witnessing your Aserai Infantrymen dash recklessly into the opposing lines, their two-handed swords slashing through enemy armour like butter.
  • But what truly distinguishes them is their capacity to surprise and flank their adversaries. The Aserai Infantry unit is ideal for this sort of manoeuvre since there is something extremely fulfilling about ambushing an opponent's army and dealing a crippling blow to their ranks.

Its official details and stats:

  • Culture: Aserai
  • Type: Infantry
  • Tier: 4
  • Upgrades from: Aserai Tribesman
  • Upgrades to: Aserai Veteran Infantry
  • Attributes: 41 Hit Points, 39 Armor, 37 Athletics, 70 Riding, 50 One-Handed, 80 Two-Handed, 40 Polearm, 50 Bow, 50 Crossbow, 70 Throwing, 70 Tactics, 60 Roguery
  • Proficiencies: 130 One-Handed, 160 Two-Handed, 130 Polearm, 70 Archery, 70 Crossbow, 160 Throwing
  • Skills: Athletics, One-Handed, Two-Handed

1. Vlandian Sergeant

Being a seasoned Bannerlord player, I have to admit that one of my favourite units is the Vlandian Sergeant. Seeing them charge into combat with their robust shields and lances, upsetting opponent formations and creating havoc, is extremely exciting. They are highly suited for maintaining locations and repelling opposing attacks due to their powerful armour.

They might not be the quickest troop on the field of combat, but they are a significant asset to any army because of their capacity to hold their position and repel opposing assaults. They are a versatile option for gamers that prefer a more defensive playstyle because their lances can administer devastating strikes to both opposing cavalry and infantry.

For players considering the Vlandian Sergeant unit, the following advice and information may be helpful:

  • They are the perfect choice for protecting strategic locations or erecting shield walls since they can hold ground and guard flanks. Second, supply them with ranged unit support to cover them with fire and weaken opponent positions. Thirdly, try various formations and methods to discover which suits your playstyle the best, such as square or wedge formations.
  • You may create a powerful army that will rule the battlefield and guarantee your victory by paying attention to these suggestions.

In Bannerlord, using the Vlandian Sergeant unit is a very satisfying experience. Nothing compares to seeing them defend their positions against enemy attacks, their shields forming an unbreakable wall. Their lances may slash through the ranks of the opposition like butter, dealing terrible damage and upsetting opposing formations. They are a solid unit for players that appreciate a strong defence because of their thick armour and defensive skills.

The Vlandian Sergeant excels at:

  • Defence strategies: A great option for those that like a more defensive playstyle is the Vlandian Sergeant. They are highly suited for holding territory and repelling enemy attacks because of their robust shields and armour.
  • Anti-cavalry: They are useful in conflicts when the enemy horsemen pose a threat since their lances are efficient against the opposing cavalry.

Here are several motives to favour this unit:

The Vlandian Sergeant unit is a great option if you're the kind of player that appreciates a solid defence and the capacity to maintain your ground. Their lances can do severe damage to both opponent cavalry and infantry, and their shields and armour can repel even the strongest enemy attacks. It is amazing and never gets old to see them wreck opposing formations and create havoc on the battlefield.

Yet their adaptability is what really makes them unique. They may perform a range of tasks on the battlefield, from maintaining strategic locations to preventing opposing cavalry attacks. They are a dependable squad that players can depend on to hold the line and secure victory due to their defensive prowess.

Official details and stats:

  • Culture: Vlandia
  • Type: Infantry
  • Tier: 4
  • Upgrades from: Vlandian Swordsman
  • Upgrades to: Vlandian Veteran Sergeant
  • Attributes: One Handed 130, Two Handed 60, Polearm 130,Bow 20,Crossbow 60, Throwing 80, Riding 80,Athletics 130

2. SturgianHeavy Axeman

I can't help but have a soft place for the Sturgian Veteran Warrior unit as a long-time Bannerlord player. They have a tough, no-nonsense look that appeals to me, and it's amazing to see them surge into combat brandishing their mighty axes and shields. While not having the fastest or most manoeuvrable soldiers in the game, they are nevertheless a significant asset in defensive scenarios due to their sturdy armour and capacity for holding their position. My experience has shown that they are also quite good at piercing enemy defences with their powerful blows, particularly when assisted by ranged soldiers.

Here are some suggestions and insights to bear in mind if you're thinking about including the Sturgian Veteran Warrior in your army. Put them on the front lines of your army to first and foremost make use of their toughness and strength. They are perfect for getting through an opponent's defences since they can take a lot of harm and deliver significant damage with their axes. In order to help them from a distance and weaken opposing formations before the warriors charge in, consider partnering them with ranged soldiers as your third option. Lastly, try out various formations and tactics to see which suits your playstyle the best.

The Sturgian Veteran Warrior's innate tenacity and resiliency are what I admire most about them. They can hold their own against even the most challenging opponents because they are not afraid to take a blow. Seeing them cut their way through enemy lines while defying attacks that would bring down weaker fighters is really satisfying. Also, they stand out as a unit on the battlefield because of their unique look and fashion.

In terms of attributes and stats, here's what you can expect from the Sturgian Veteran Warrior:

  • Culture: Sturgia
  • Type: Infantry
  • Tier: 5
  • Upgrades from: Sturgian Spearman
  • Upgrades to: N/A
  • Attributes:One Handed 130Two Handed80Polearm80Bow60Crossbow20Throwing130Riding60Athletics130

3. Empire Legionary

The Imperial Legionary is undoubtedly one of my go-to troops, I can say with certainty. Awe-inspiring military prowess is on the show as they march in unison while raising their shields and readying their spears. It's clear why they serve as the foundation of the Empire's army. They are a strong force on the battlefield due to their thick armour and orderly organization.

Here are some advice and details for individuals who are thinking about including the Imperial Legionary in their army. Start by utilizing their defensive strengths to your advantage and concentrating on controlling chokepoints and guarding your flanks. To make a well-rounded army, think about pairing them with ranged units like crossbowmen or archers.. Lastly, test out various formations and strategies, such as shield walls or testudo formations, to see which ones perform best for you.

The Imperial Legionary is exceptional at:

  • Situations requiring defence: The unit excels in holding territory and fending off enemy charges because of its shields and well-organized formation.
  • The unit is skilled in close-quarters battle because of its paramerion and pilum, which let them inflict a lot of damage.
  • Durability: The unit is strong in battle and can survive powerful strikes thanks to its robust armour and shields.

Here are the official details and stats for the Empire Legionary:

  • Culture: Empire
  • Type: Infantry
  • Tier: 4
  • Upgrades from: Imperial Veteran Infantry
  • Attributes: One Handed 130, Two Handed 80, Polearm 130, Bow 60,Crossbow 60,Throwing 80,Riding 20, Athletics 130

Overall, the Empire Legionary is a dependable and formidable unit that can be relied upon in any situation. Whether you need them to hold the line in a defensive battle or charge headfirst into the enemy ranks, they are a unit that can get the job done.

4. Khuzait Spear Infantry

Their distinct combination of speed and strength makes them a very flexible troop on the battlefield. Even though they are not mounted, they are very swift and nimble, allowing them to flank opposing troops and quickly reduce the distance to confront them in close battle..

Here are some suggestions to bear in mind if you want to use the Kuzait Infantry in your upcoming conflict. First, be sure to use hit-and-run strategies and flanking to your enemies'advantage in order to benefit from their speed and mobility. Last but not least, don't be scared to combine them with other troops to build a versatile army that can handle any circumstance.

The Khuzait Infantry unit has the following notable benefits:.

  • Exceptional expertise with throwing weapons and two-handed swords make the Khuzait Infantry very lethal in close-quarters battles. They can dispatch foes at a distance and easily cut through opposing armour.
  • Even though they are not mounted, the Khuzait Infantry is highly swift and mobile. Due to their rapid ability to close the gap and fight in close battles, they are effective for flanking and annoying opponent troops.

Official details and stats:

  • Culture: Khuzait
  • Type: Infantry
  • Tier: 4
  • Upgrades from: Khuzait Spearman
  • Upgrades to: Khuzait Darkhan
  • Attributes: One Handed 100, Two Handed 45, Polearm 100,Bow 45,Crossbow 15,Throwing 60, Riding 60,Athletics 100

5. Battanian Wildling

The Battanian Wildling is a favorite infantry unit of many Bannerlord players, including myself. They may not be the most heavily armored troops in the game, but their speed and agility make them incredibly fun to use in battle. I love recruiting these troops from the wilds of Battania and watching them charge into battle, throwing their weapons and wreaking havoc among enemy ranks. Their lack of armor can make them vulnerable to ranged attacks, but their mobility makes them difficult targets to hit. Overall, the Battanian Wildling is a highly versatile infantry unit that can be a valuable addition to any army.

Here's some advice for using these guys in battle:

  • Use their speed to your advantage: Battanian Wildlings are one of the fastest infantry units in the game, so use this to your advantage. Keep them on the move and use them to flank enemy positions or to quickly close the distance between your troops and enemy archers.
  • Don't underestimate their throwing weapons: While the Battanian Wildlings may lack heavy armor, they make up for it with their proficiency in using throwing weapons. Make sure to equip them with plenty of javelins or throwing axes, and use them to soften up enemy lines before engaging in melee combat.
  • Use cover to protect them from ranged attacks: As lightly armored infantry, Battanian Wildlings can be vulnerable to ranged attacks. Try to keep them behind cover like trees or hills, or use other units to draw fire away from them.
  • Consider upgrading them to Fian Champions: If you're willing to invest the time and resources, upgrading Battanian Wildlings to Fian Champions can be a great option. Fian Champions are heavily armored and have even better proficiency with throwing weapons, making them a devastating force on the battlefield.

Official details and stats for the Imperial Legionary unit are as follows:

  • Culture: Battania
  • Type: Infantry
  • Tier: 5
  • Upgrades from: Battanian Veteran Skirmisher
  • Upgrades to: N/A


  • One Handed 130,Two Handed 80,Polearm 80,Bow 60,Crossbow 20,Throwing 130,Riding 60,Athletics 130

6. Battanian Oathsworn

The Battanian Oathsworn are one of my all-time favourite infantry units, and as a seasoned Bannerlord player, I have experimented with a variety of infantry units for numerous hours. These elite soldiers are highly trained and outfitted, making them a powerful force on the battlefield. The Oathsworn are extremely adaptable and excel in both distance and close-quarters combat with their throwing weapons.

A notable feature of their armour is that it allows them to take some damage before losing the battle. I've had tremendous luck using the Oathsworn to maintain locations and fend off enemy attacks since they make good defenders.

Yet, their capacity for offence is where they really excel. Due to their proficiency in one-handedfighting, they are very lethal in close quarters. Also, their throwing weapons can deliver large amounts of damage from a distance, and I've discovered that they are particularly effective against opposing cavalry.

The following advice and information may be useful if you're thinking about using the Battanian Oathsworn for your army:

  • Think of combining them with other ranged troops, such as archers or crossbowmen, to produce a deadly torrent of missiles that can deplete the strength of the opposition.
  • Don't be hesitant to take use of their mobility. Due to their speed and agility, the Oathsworn are perfect for flanking and pursuing hostile forces.

In conclusion, the Battanian Oathsworn are a very adaptable and powerful unit that I wholeheartedly endorse to any player wishing to assemble a diverse army in Bannerlord.

The Battanian Oathsworn are exceptional in the:

  • Melee fighting: Their proficiency in one-handed and two-handed combat makes them extremely successful in close-quarters encounters.
  • Ranged combat: Because they have throwing weapons, they can inflict a lot of damage from a distance, making them perfect for sapping the strength of opposing forces before they can get to your lines.
  • In defensive engagements, they can hold their own thanks to their shields and armour, which greatly increase their fortitude.
  • The Oathsworn's speed and agility make them the perfect choice for flanking and harrying hostile forces.

Reasons to prefer this unit:

  • If you're looking for a versatile and well-rounded unit that can excel in both melee and ranged combat, the Battanian Oathsworn are an excellent choice.
  • Their mobility and resilience make them highly effective in offensive and defensive situations alike, and their throwing weapons can be a game-changer when used strategically.
  • What sets them apart is their adaptability - they can fill a variety of roles on the battlefield, from skirmishers to defenders to shock troops.

Here are the official details and stats for the Battanian Oathsworn:

  • Culture: Battanian
  • Type: Infantry
  • Tier: 5
  • Upgrades from: Battanian Picked Warrior
  • Upgrades to: N/A
  • Attributes: One Handed 130, Two Handed 80,Polearm 130, Bow 60,Crossbow 20,Throwing 60,Riding 80,Athletics 130

7. Vlandian Pikeman

Many commanders that favour defensive qualities on the battlefield turn to the Vlandian Pikeman, one of Bannerlord's most effective infantry units. These troops excel at holding the line and guarding distant units against enemy cavalry since they are masters of the polearm, which enables them to reach out and strike their adversaries from a distance.

The ability to hold a position is among the Vlandian Pikeman's most important assets. In addition to holding a line against any opponent unit defensive conflicts are a fantastic fit for them because of their unwavering resolve, which is highly vital. The Vlandian Pikemen are not, however, restricted to defensive situations as a result of this. Moreover, they may be used offensively, particularly when paired with other troops that can provide support.

There are a few factors that players should consider before employing the Vlandian Pikeman. Positioning is important first. Place them in key areas where they can protect against enemy attacks since they are most effective when they are immobile. Second, as they hold the line, back them with ranged units to keep the enemy at bay. Lastly, try out new formations to find out which works best for you.

  • Culture: Vlandia
  • Type: Infantry
  • Tier: 3
  • Upgrades from: Vlandian Billman
  • Upgrades to: N/A
  • Attributes: One Handed 80,Two Handed 130,Polearm 130,Bow 20,Crossbow 60,Throwing 80,Riding 60, Athletics 130

8. Sturgian Heavy Spearman

These soldiers come from the icy parts of Sturgia, where they are used to severe conditions and brutal combat. They can maintain a position and hold the line against opposing forces because of the tremendous protection that their thick armour offers against hostile attacks. They are deadly at close quarters, effortlessly slicing through the ranks of the opposition thanks to their skill with axes.

For players contemplating joining the Sturgian Shock Troop, here are someadvice

First, by positioning them at the front of your formation, you may benefit from their hefty armour and skills. They are ideal for maintaining the line while guarding more fragile troops behind them. Finally, reinforce them with cavalry or ranged soldiers to fill in their gaps and offer more protection. To identify the configuration and strategy that best matches your playstyle, try a variety of options, such as shield walls and wedge formations.

The Sturgian Shock Troop is outstanding at:

  • The Sturgian Shock Troop is a strong infantry unit that excels at holding the line and defending more vulnerable troops behind them in a defensive battle.
  • Their massive armour offers superior defence against hostile attacks.
  • For players that like a defensive playstyle, the Sturgian Heavy Spearman is a great option. They can maintain the line and defend more susceptible troops behind them since they are a dependable and strong force.

Its official details and stats:

  • Culture: Sturgia
  • Type: Infantry
  • Tier: 4
  • Upgrades from: Sturgian Spearman
  • Upgrades to: N/A
  • Attributes: One Handed 140,Two Handed 60,Polearm 140,Bow 75,Crossbow 15,Throwing 30,Riding 45, Athletics 125
  • Equipment: Axes, shields (optional)

9. Empire elite menavliaton

Their outstanding defensive skills, which rank among their greatest advantages, make them a solid option for those who prefer a more cautious and methodical approach. They can be counted on to protect the front lines, easily fending off enemy charges, and providing crucial cover for the rest of your forces. They must be used carefully and placed properly because their bulky armour might make them rather slow in their movements.

The spears of the Imperial Elite Menavliaton constitute a real threat on the battlefield. These long and powerful weapons are ideal for jabbing at foes from a distance, and their reach makes it simple for them to strike at the enemy without being exposed to risk themselves. They willdemolish opposing ranks with their devastating and decisive attacks, allowing your forces to advance more rapidly.

For players thinking about recruiting the Imperial Elite Menavliaton, the following advice and information may be helpful:

  • The Imperial Elite Menavliaton's slow pace leaves them susceptible to ranged attacks, thus first, make sure your army has enough ranged troops to deal with enemy archers.
  • Second, aim to position them favourably in battle by utilising their long spears' range and their heavy armour's defensive qualities.
  • Last but not least, don't be afraid to try out different formations, like shield walls or wedge formations, to see what suits your playstyle the best.

The Imperial Elite Menavliaton excels in:

  • Defence: With its heavy armour and exceptional defensive capabilities, the Imperial Elite Menavliaton is the perfect choice for players looking for a sturdy, reliable infantry unit that can hold the line in battle.
  • Spear Combat: The long spears wielded by the Imperial Elite Menavliaton are a true force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. They allow for quick, deadly strikes from a distance, making them ideal for jabbing at enemy lines and decimating enemy ranks.
  • Flexibility: The Imperial Elite Menavliaton's versatility makes them suitable for various combat scenarios, both offensive and defensive. They can be adapted to different formations and tactics, depending on the situation at hand.

Stats and details:

  • Culture: Imperial
  • Type: Heavy Infantry
  • Tier: 5
  • Upgrades from: Imperial Menavliaton
  • Upgrades to: None
  • Attributes: One Handed 130, Two Handed 80,Polearm 130,Bow 60,Crossbow 40,Throwing 80,Riding 20,Athletics 130

10. Aserai Veteran Infantry

The Aserai Veteran Infantry is one of the most incredible forces in the game. These soldiers are a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, and I am always surprised by their talent and perseverance. The versatility of the Aserai Veteran Soldiers is what I respect most. They excel at both close-quarters fighting and distant blows, making them a vital asset in any situation. These warriors will get the job done.

Their armour is likewise stunning. The Aserai Veteran Infantry, in contrast to the Aserai Infantry, is well-armoured and capable of withstanding even the most destructive strikes.Of course, their attacking prowess is also amazing. Their two-handed swords can easily sever opponent armour, while their throwing abilities allow them to take out targets from a distance. They are genuinely well-rounded units capable of adapting to any scenario.

Here are the official details and stats for Aserai Veteran Infantry:

  • Culture: Aserai
  • Type: Infantry
  • Tier: 5
  • Upgrades from: Aserai Infantry
  • Upgrades to: None
  • Attributes: One Handed 160, Two Handed 80, Polearm 130, Bow 60, Crossbow 20, Throwing 50, Riding 80, Athletics 130

11. Sturgian Heroic Line Breaker

The capacity of the Sturgian Heroic Line Breakers to hold a position and endure an opposing onslaught is one of their benefits. Their huge axes, however, can cut through enemy armour and cause enormous damage to opposing forces. In addition to their fighting talents, the Sturgian Heroic Line Breakers are highly trained in athletics and strength, allowing them to travel fast across the battlefield and close in on their foes. They willflank and surprise their opponents, catching them off guard and inflicting severe blows with their axes.

If you prefer a more aggressive style of play, the Sturgian Heroic Line Breakers are an ideal alternative. Their ability to burst through opposing lines and disrupt formations will certainly swing the tide of combat in your favour.

Its official details and stats:

  • Culture: Sturgia
  • Type: Infantry
  • Tier: 5
  • Upgrades from: Line Breaker
  • Upgrades to: N/A
  • Attributes: One Handed 80,Two Handed 150,Polearm 80,Bow 60,Crossbow 20,Throwing 130,Riding 40,Athletics 150

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