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And the best solution is to avoid the man in your dream.But when he thought about it carefully, Lu Xun couldn t remember the appearance of the other party, only those eyes that looked like stars.Ding.Your cutie is online Lu Xun In the quiet room, an abrupt mechanical sound sounded.After a pause, the mechanical sound appeared again.Your little baby is online Your little angel Lu Xun Turn off the notification sound, it s noisy.System Huh, can you hear me Lu Xun ignored him.System Hey Don t be like this, it s all discussed before, cooperate with me to actively complete the task, and you can go home as soon as possible.Lu Xun didn t refute, and the system asked again.Lulu, have you forgotten what day tomorrow is Should he remember System I knew you must have forgotten it.Tomorrow is the apprenticeship ceremony for new disciples Apprenticeship ceremony Lu Xun s eyes brightened slightly, and the depression caused by the dream was swept away.

Don t worry, I believe Ah Heng will be fine.Back at Qi Xing Palace, Lu Xun locked himself in the room directly.System, come out.System Ang Are you still hiding something from me are gas station male enhancement pills safe pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction Lu Xun half closed his eyes.The system pretended to be stupid, There pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction is no way.We are both on the same line, how could I hide it from you.Since Su Qingheng appeared, the plot began to deviate, how do you want me to believe you This is a novel world, if If there is a slight deviation, it may be the butterfly effect, or it may be that the author is revising the text.The system is not guilty at all when it lies, and it just opens its mouth.Lu Xun Maybe it s because Lingyue Xianzun didn t personally accept apprentices, so the .

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subsequent plots will deviate slightly.But it is also within the controllable range.As long as the main plot remains unchanged, the tasks will be judged.

Su Qingheng, what do you mean No one wanted you just now, if Senior Brother Xu hadn t kindly kept you, you could go into the illusion by yourself.Heh, you re so arrogant, do you deserve to be a senior brother You re a good for nothing Don t cry when you see a monster, little waste.Hearing his teammates vent their anger, Xu Zhengyang felt pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction joyful in his heart, but he didn t like it on his face.Significantly.I deliberately waited for a few people to finish talking before opening my mouth to persuade, Don t say that, Senior Brother Su is actually working very hard.I believe that one day, he will be able to learn something.The most important thing is the trial right now.Senior Brother Xu, why are you doing this for me Talking trash Forget it, let s prepare for the trial, anyway, I believe that Senior Brother Xu is the leader.

This is definitely not an illusion A trace of doubt flashed in Su Qingheng s eyes, how could Cheng Yuanzhen let in the demonic beasts infected with the devil s breath But right now is not the time to worry about this, seeing the monster slowly approaching, Su Qingheng immediately opened his mouth.Run At this critical juncture, no one paid attention to who was speaking.The teenagers who had been frozen in place heard the order, and then regained their senses and ran away.Xu Zhengyang believed that the monster was fake, but seeing that the crowd didn t believe him, instead he heard Su Qingheng s words and cursed inwardly, worried that he would be separated from them, so he could only run along.The speed of the monsters was not fast, but they were rampant, and all the trees were broken.They probably couldn t catch up with them, so annoyed, they roared and jumped up.

It s Senior Brother Lu Great Senior Brother Lu has come to save us.Su Qingheng stared blankly at the person who was holding him, the warm touch on his waist, and the faint feeling coming from this person.It has a faint fragrance, like red plums in the cold winter, with a hint of coolness.He was slightly absent minded, his eyes swept over Lu Xun s delicate eyebrows, his high nose bridge, and finally fell on his petal like red lips.Sensing his gaze, Lu Xun also turned his head to look at him, thinking he was afraid, and comforted him.Don t be afraid, I m here.The tone was gentle and tender, like a lover whispering.Su Qingheng subconsciously retorted, I m not afraid Okay, okay, you re not afraid.Lu Xun coaxed him, Don t move around, you ll fall down later.In a few words, Lu Xun had already sent him to a safe place Open space, Wait for me here After finishing speaking, Lu Xun made a decision, and cast out a spell, trapping the monsters that were rushing towards the teenagers.

Lu Xun What s in Cheng Yuanzhen s mind This is not just about sabotaging the trial, this is a matter of life, not just one life.No one will harm these new disciples for no reason, they can only use the accidents of the new disciples to target the pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction entire sect.Moreover, Lu Xun s eyes fell on Cheng Yuanzhen again.He was responsible for the initial trial task, but he refused because he thought it was troublesome, so the master master found someone else.The same is true of the previous apprenticeship ceremony.Looking at Cheng Yuanzhen who was in a panic, in order not to affect the next trial, it is better not to tell Cheng Yuanzhen the truth.Anyway, he paid attention to this trial because of Su Qingheng.Lu Xun released his spiritual power to investigate, cleared his are gas station male enhancement pills safe pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction throat, and said, I have already used my spiritual power to investigate, and only this monster has opened its spiritual wisdom.

It s almost time, let s go out.Su Qingheng The competition is at Xu time, but now it is Shen time, and the sun has not set yet, so why are you going out Just now, she was stern and told him to win the first place, but pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction now the time has not come, and she wants to take him out again Su Qingheng, who was full of trust in Lu Xun, suddenly became suspicious.Su Qingheng said blankly, Brother, there is still more than an hour before the end of the competition.I know.Lu Xun touched his stomach subconsciously, But I want to eat.Su Qingheng Oh He had heard many rumors about Lu Xun, but no one told him that Lu Xun was still very willful.For example, now, before the competition is over, this person wants to leave regardless.Su Qingheng sighed, Brother, go out first, I Before he could finish speaking, Lu Xun had already dragged are gas station male enhancement pills safe pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction him out of the illusion.

Su Qingheng s shoulder.Lu Xun frowned, looking at Su Qingheng who was already drenched in the rain and in a mess, feeling uneasy spread in his heart.Then, Lu Xun woke up from anger.In the original book, the original owner framed Su Qingheng by virtue of his predictive ability pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction multiply male enhancement pills through dreams, and pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction his predictive ability was not missed from the beginning to the end.But the ability to predict are gas station male enhancement pills safe pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction dreams is uncontrollable, so he can t predict everything.It also led to his final dismal end.In an instant, the clear sky was covered by a few dark clouds, and within a short while, it began erectile dysfunction and high uric acid to drizzle.The rain was not heavy, very similar to pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction Lu Xun s dream.Lu Xun immediately pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction lost his sleepiness, turned over and sat up on the bed, washed up hastily, got dressed, and walked towards the Lanting Garden where the disciples had their morning classes.

According to Cheng Yuanzhen s remarks, Pei Yu also doubted whether the monsters would be put in during the competition.If this is the case, this group of new disciples are all suspicious.So, Pei Yu came up with a way to replace the morning class, and took advantage of today s morning class to observe it.What did you find Lu Xun asked him.Pei Yu shook his head and nodded again.Lu Xun raised his eyebrows and looked at him.Pei Yu smiled and said, The spies didn t find out.But I found that you really care about Su Qingheng.Will you come to pick him up in person when it rains Oh If Uncle Men knew that you spent all your energy on this, he would probably want to cut you off with a sword.So Pei Yu leaned slightly and approached Lu Xun.Brother Lu, are you going to sue Look at your performance, Lu Xun said again, joking with him.

Don t worry, cold poison can be cured.The author has something to say Thanks at 20200709 20 26 2820200710 18 37 Thank you to the little angel who voted for me overlord vote or irrigation nutrient solution during the pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction 43rd period.Thank you for the little angel who cast mines Jijiruling, 1 Godric s Valley thank you for the little angel of irrigation nutrient solution 9 bottles of Shangzhi Only 1 bottle Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard Chapter 13 pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction City Lord Mo pursed his lips and smiled, his eyes turned to Lu Xun s body, and there was a trace of inquiry hidden in the bottom of his eyes.If you don t dislike it, I d like to take the pulse of Lu Xiaoyou.Feng Changmian had a panoramic view of his reaction, and the smile on his face did not diminish.I found a cure, but the onset of cold poison will inevitably lead to some pain, so I want to ask City Lord Mo for some medicine to relieve the pain.

He winked at Xu Zhengyang, signaling him to come to Mo Tian immediately Jan leaves.With a smile on his face, Lu Xun raised his hand and snapped his fingers.An invisible barrier directly separated Xu Zhengyang and Cheng Yuanzhen.Su Qingheng was taken aback by his operation, and only heard Lu Xun ask Do you still remember the moves I taught you Ah Su Qingheng didn t know why Lu Xun asked him this suddenly.Answer Remember Then, just let me see the result.Then, Lu Xun turned the dagger in his hand and handed it to Su Qingheng.Su Qingheng looked at Lu Xun in astonishment.See what I do Hurry up Su Qingheng didn t take the dagger, and said in a low voice.Brother, he, he is It s none of my business who he is.Lu Xun smiled playfully.What you have to worry about is yourself.If I m not satisfied, you don t have to go reaction male enhancement to the morning class starting tomorrow.

This tone.Then do you want me to summon other brothers and sisters to be on guard Feng Changmian shook his head and said, I don t know what the plan is, so don t startle the snake.Gu Yunzhou suddenly had an epiphany, Masters, don t they suspect that they have something to do with Lu Xun Intended Well, Fu Hengxue responded in a low voice, I took this punishment, so I banned Axun from the Qi Xing Palace, and I also wanted to see if they would make the next move.Gu Yunzhou frowned slightly, and his eyes were full There was a flash of worry.It is necessary to strengthen the protection of Qi Xing Palace.The master and the second junior sister are not here.I am not at ease because Axun is guarding Qi Xing Palace alone.Yunzhou, we can t protect him all the time.Feng Changmian sighed.There will always be times when I can t be protected.

There is no question of whether Lulu can break through, but it depends on whether he is willing to break through.Thanks at 20200715 23 36 5820200717 15 25 During the 10th period, I voted for the overlord vote or the little angel of the irrigation nutrient solution.Thank you to the little angel of the irrigation nutrient solution 2 bottles of Lanlin thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard Chapter 18 You want me to prescribe medicine to Lu Xun Cheng Yuanzhen was frightened by Mo .

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Tianyang s proposal and stood up from the stone bench.No.Cheng Yuanzhen refused straight away, I want to beat him, but using this method is just, just What is it Mo Tianyang sneered, Do you really think that Lu Xun has always been so lazy He is just You are pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger, if you care about fairness, I guarantee you will lose badly Lu Xun can afford to lose, but can you afford to lose Without the Cheng family, you are nothing.

baby Who do you think he is Su Qingheng s face darkened, and his other hand, which was not held, slapped the back pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction multiply male enhancement pills of Lu Xun s hand with a slap.Lu Xun woke up from his sleep, and sat up from the bed with a dazed expression.Junior brother, why are you here Lu Xun are gas station male enhancement pills safe pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction rubbed his arm that hurt from the slap, Su Qingheng s eyes fell on the back of his hand following his movements, the slap was not heavy, but Su Qingheng did it subconsciously Resistance, so it is not light, leaving a red mark.What did you hit me for Lu Xun made a fuss about him, but he looked blank and innocent, which made Su Qingheng feel annoyed, and even the last bit of guilt disappeared.What are you angry about Lu Xun asked again.I m not angry.Su Qingheng was like a best male enhancement pills 2014 clen erectile dysfunction cat whose tail had been stepped on.He stared fiercely at Lu Xun with his dark eyes, noticing and feeling that his reaction was a bit harsh.

However, Lu Xun didn t care whether Pei Yu answered it or not, he forcefully stuffed it into his hand, turned his head to Su Qingheng and said, Senior brother has money, pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction so let s play casually.Pei Yu After a long time, it was for Su Qingheng supported the scene.Su Qingheng s eyes lit up, and he was not polite, and said to Pei Yu, My senior brother best male enhancement pills 2014 clen erectile dysfunction gave it for me.Pei Yusheng said helplessly, I see, whoever you want to bet on wins.Of course it s my senior brother.Su Qingheng looked She didn t even look at him, her heart and eyes were all about Lu Xun.Everyone was watching the play with great interest, but for some reason, their stomachs were a little full.The author has something to say Well, baby, can I have that white nutritious liquid tt I m going to do a nucleic acid test tomorrow, I don t know if it hurts or not.

What is the connection between Mo Shuicheng and the demons At webmd male enhancement pills pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction that time, the demon king was severely injured and hid for a while, and it was heard again that the Su family of the Immortal Sword Family was destroyed by the demon clan overnight.After that, for ten years, the Demon Race was silent.Until a while ago when the new disciples were being tested, a demon beast tainted with demonic energy appeared, and then there was the incident of Lu Xun s poisoning, there must be a connection between the two.I think there are many suspicious things about Xu Zhengyang.Pei Yu asked Lu Xun to take the Xuanming Mirror and looked at it several times.When the monster appeared, Xu Zhengyang s reaction was very strange.When people encounter unknown things, it is normal to be nervous and afraid, but when other disciples are nervous and afraid, Xu Zhengyang is very calm.

But why Pei Yu Pei Yu still had to call him senior brother, there was no reason for a senior brother to obey his orders.Dissatisfied, he still let Xu Zhengyang stand on his fairy sword, Stand up by yourself, I don t care if you fall.Compared with Lu Xun s soft voice, Xu Zhengyang was also very upset at the bottom of his heart.How long has it been No matter how much he flatters Cheng Yuanzhen, this person will always put his interests first.When he is in a good mood, he is willing to talk to him, and when he is in a bad mood, he will take out his anger on him.Later, Cheng Yuanzhen made a mistake and was punished, so he didn t clen erectile dysfunction all night long extreme male enhancement pills go to Lanting Garden to teach pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction them again.It happened that he didn t want to put hot face on cold ass all the time.I was not happy in my heart, but I still had to put on a face.

Are there any other doors in this yard Generally, there is not only one door in the yard, there should be two or three side doors.Yes, Master Wen said, there is a small door leading to the dorms of the maids, mainly for them to take care of Rongrong.A group of people came to Miss Wen s room.As soon as he entered, Lu Xun sneezed.He turned his head to look at the others, seeing that their expressions were normal, he rubbed his nose and swallowed the words in his mouth.The room was neat and tidy, without any signs of fighting or resistance.Has the room been cleaned again Lu Xun asked.No, the city lord sent someone to investigate before, and told us not to touch the things in the room and not to damage the scene.This is true, Lu Xun proposed to come here to see if we could find any clues.Everything seemed normal in the room, but Lu Xun felt something was wrong.

He opened his mouth and forced out a word from his throat.Are you joking Lu Xun flicked the broken hair on his forehead, revealing a bright and moving smile.Of course not.Lu Xun s execution ability shocked Pei Yu, and I don t know where he found someone to spread the news that Hualou has a peerless beauty to perform on stage tonight , and the whole Baizhao City was full of uproar.Pei Yu looked at him without words, Aren t you ashamed to call yourself a peerless beauty Lu Xun blinked, as if pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction he had entered the role of a beauty.Have you ever seen someone prettier than me Pei Yu Although these words are robust vs viagra too narcissistic, Pei Yu has to admit that he has traveled many places, let alone met someone prettier than Lu Xun No one can even compare to Lu Xun.Peerless independence is not an exaggeration at all.

Sorry for waking you up.Are you awake The two spoke at the same time, breaking the silence of the night.There was apology in one tone, and joy in the other tone.You fainted suddenly, which shocked me.I are gas station male enhancement pills safe pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction asked Pei Yu to take your pulse, but he said you were fine, but he didn t see you wake up.So, you ve been guarding here Su Qingheng couldn t tell what he felt in his heart , I felt a warmth welling up in my heart.But Lu Xun didn t feel anything, nodded and said.Well, I m worried about you.I m sorry to make you worry.Lu Xun was startled and webmd male enhancement pills pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction blinked.Why are you so unfamiliar with me when you wake up I am your senior brother, so I should take care of you.Su Qingheng was dumbfounded for a while, and he didn t know why, but he vaguely felt that he had a dream, but he couldn t remember the content of the dream clearly.

From the moment he entered the door, he noticed the exquisite and attractive pastries on the table.This is made by a famous pastry shop on West Street, and the name of the shop is printed on the plate.Lu Xun wasn t worried at all about Bai Yuehua s tampering with the pastry.He poured himself a cup of tea naturally, proficiently as if he was at his own home, without any restraint due to outsiders, this calm and contented appearance greatly pleased Bai Yuehua.The voice is different from the other girls I ve seen.Lu Xun answered the words in a good manner, If it s the same, how can it catch Yue Hua s eyes Bai Yuehua was amused by him, and fanned himself with a fan.He looked at Lu Xun with interest.A beauty is a beauty, even the way she eats is so pleasing to the eye.After Lu Xun finished eating a piece of pastry, he patted the pastry powder off his hands, put his hands on best male enhancement pills 2014 clen erectile dysfunction the covid vaccines cause erectile dysfunction table, palms against Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction his chin, and winked at Bai Yuehua, You think I m pretty The most beautiful person.

Pei Yu moved closer, Sniffing around him, a sweet aroma entered his nose.I smell it.He said this, and Gu Yunzhou also noticed it.The fragrance floated in the air, and the smell became stronger and stronger.After a while, the whole room was filled with a sweet and greasy fragrance.What made Lu Xun feel puzzled was that the scent was the same as that smelled in Miss Wen s room, but it was a little different.Only he and Su Qingheng could smell the smell in Miss Wen s room, the servants and maids didn t notice it, not even Pei Yu.But the smell in this house is more cloying, with a slightly dizzying effect.Change place Gu Yunzhou was disgusted by the smell, so he tied up Bai Yuehua casually, and the group moved to Lu Xun s room.There was no sweet aroma in the air, and Pei Yu felt much more comfortable.

But brother s kindness to me is not pity.Lu Xun was a little stunned by what he said, and when he came back to his senses, there was a little smile on his face, It s quite clear.Then, he heard Su Qingheng tell him.I will also be nice to senior brother, always will be.Lu Xun was a little uncomfortable with the sudden sensation, he stared at Su Qingheng for a few moments, and asked.Aren t you usually shy You have a way of showing your sincerity.Lu Xun felt that he really cared can you buy pain meds online too much for Su Qingheng.Before, he was even worried that Su Qingheng would not be able to find a Taoist companion because he was too indifferent, but after hearing what Su Qingheng said today, he felt that his worries were completely unnecessary.How does this look like bad words The moonlight hangs high, the night is darker, the ugly time is over, it is the second day.

Even if clen erectile dysfunction all night long extreme male enhancement pills you know the plot, listening to the system s description is completely pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction different from being there yourself.After thinking about it quietly, I felt that something was not quite right.Brother It was Su Qingheng s voice.Lu Xun looked up and saw that Su Qingheng was standing at the door.Lu Xun didn t close the door, but Su Qingheng didn t come in directly either.Seeing Su Qingheng s cautiousness, Lu Xun felt a little sorry.Regardless of whether the scene in the dream will happen or not, it has nothing to do with Su Qingheng in front of him, he doesn t know anything.Come in Sorry, this morning I Brother, you don t need to apologize.I know it was a nightmare.Are you okay now Su Qingheng didn t dare to ask him what he dreamed about, because he didn t want to see Lu Xun s pale face.It s okay.

In the Xuanshan faction, Gu Yunzhou and Cheng Yuanzhen are on top of him.Even if he arranges affairs in the sect, Feng Changmian will only arrange for him when neither Gu Yunzhou nor Cheng Yuanzhen are free.Generally speaking, he is similar to Lu Xun, he is free and idle, so it is not surprising that he and Lu Xun can play together.Then there is Su Qingheng, he has improved rapidly in the past few months, he is no longer at the bottom of the original ranking, even if there is a seal, it does not prevent him from improving his cultivation, and he is almost catching up with the talented Xu Zhengyang.Xu Zhengyang is so strong, naturally he are gas station male enhancement pills safe pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction doesn t want to be overtaken by Su Qingheng, the two of them coincidentally compare each other.Xu Zhengyang has been rushing to the number one position since erectile dysfunction 19 year old he entered the Xuanshan sect, and he was the first in the first test of the sect.

This child with small hands, about five or six years old, is he wearing it again Lu Lu, are you awake An immature child s voice sounded, and Lu Xun looked up, and a girl carved in pink and jade stood in front of him, her face was still dusty and her hair was a little messy.Lu Xun wanted to ask who she was, but he called out the girl s name when he opened his mouth.Chuchu Lu Xun That jade pendant.Lu Xun suddenly realized that he didn t time travel again, but his consciousness was brought to this child, but he was just watching from the sidelines, unable to control the child s body.That girl called him Lulu Will it be the original owner when I was a child You ve been fainted for a long time, and I m so elite xl male enhancement scared by myself.Chu pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction Chu hugged him suddenly, and said sobbingly.It s dark in the prison, will there be mice Lu Lu smiled, sat up with some difficulty, and comforted her in a low voice.

The two agreed that the next time they meet at the gambling table, they will win or lose, but now it is difficult to even meet.After listening to Pei Yu s description, Lu Xun was a little dazed.Chu Chu in the dream looked obedient and soft, and was easily bullied.It was not the same as the Chu Chu in Pei Yu s mouth.Is there anything else Lu Xun asked again, You are gas station male enhancement pills safe pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction re telling me something about Chuchu.No, I thought you were just curious.Pei Yu moved closer, staring at Lu Xun, trying to see from his face Seeing the clue, Why are you so interested in Chuchu s affairs Pei Yu asked what Su Qingheng was thinking, and both eyes fell on Lu erectile dysfunction naturally Xun.As you said, most of the brothers know her.Since I don t know, I definitely want to know more.Really , he turned his head to look at Su Qingheng, and asked, Do you believe it Su Qingheng blinked and met Pei Yu s eyes, obviously he didn t quite believe this reason either.

The next moment, lightning flashed across the sky.Purple lightning fell, and before the thunder could ring out, the seal on Su Qingheng s forehead lit up, and the lightning silently sank into the seal.Lu Xun, who is ready to protect Su Qingheng from lightning at hctz sodium any time Su Qingheng, who has a calm face and is fully prepared If he hadn t seen it with his own eyes, Lu Xun would also find it unbelievable that this seal can also have the effect of lightning protection When he broke through the golden core at that time, although he was not in pain when he was robbed by lightning, he felt that his muscles and bones were sore and swollen, and he didn t want to move when he was lying on the ground.The Thunder Tribulation in the Foundation Establishment Stage is not as violent as that in the Golden Core Stage, but it shouldn t be as calm as Su Qingheng either.

Then there is something I don t understand in sword practice, so I should go to my senior brother, right Lu Xun nodded and agreed, and the two chatted and walked towards Qi Xing Palace.before his eyes. Then, Pei Yu s figure flashed past.The two looked at each other and walked in on the stone steps.I saw one person and one fox, jumping up and down, playing vigorously.As soon as Lu Xun entered the door, Pei Yu immediately greeted him, pointing at the furry fox with an excited face.Last night, I picked up a spirit fox.Found it No one in the Xuanshan sect raises spirit foxes, and wild spirit foxes are all born in Tuoyun Mountain.It can t come across mountains and seas by itself.Yes.I m also surprised.Did you say that some brothers and sisters secretly raised them They ran into my yard because they were greedy for fun.

He filled a bowl of fish soup for both Lu Xun and Su Qingheng, and sat down with them.Congratulations.Xiao Qi was referring to Su Qingheng s stepping into the Golden Core Stage.Su Qingheng thanked them, and both of them fell silent.Lu Xun brought up a topic at the right time, so as not to be left alone.When Lu Xun mentioned the fairy sword that Meng Lingyue gave, Xiao Qi blurted out a question.Meng Lingyue is back Lu Xun was a little surprised.According to the memory of the original owner, Xiao Qi was the disciple who was in charge of Meng Lingyue s daily life, and then cooked for pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction him by the way.But Xiaoqi s words clearly did not know that Meng Lingyue had returned to the teacher s school.Master has returned to the teacher s school for six or seven days.Xiao Qi was silent for a moment, Oh Although Xiao Qi didn t have much reaction on his face, Lu Xun still read some sadness from chandra shekhar azad in telugu his eyes, which was fleeting I ll go back first.

The bearded man you are talking about is from our town.There is a market at the foot of the mountain these days, and he goes down the mountain to sell radishes.She glanced at him, as if frightened, pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction and quickly lowered her head.The road he pointed you to is not wrong.Jiangke Town was originally called Yunxi Town.Huh Lu Xun forgot to be afraid for a moment, he blinked blankly, and became happy belatedly, a little naive said in tone.Great Then I found the right place.Several other townspeople looked at each other, and finally looked at Lu Xun with a bit of sympathy in their andro400 supplement eyes.The rough looking townsman nodded, and the woman in the turban stepped forward and asked gently, Can you tell us what your uncle s name best male enhancement pills 2014 clen erectile dysfunction is, and we can help you find it.As they spoke, they suddenly became enthusiastic and greeted Lu Xun Go to town.

They could restrain their breath, but without invisibility talismans, they couldn t hide webmd male enhancement pills pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction their bodies.Pei Yu Why didn t you go My cultivation level is higher than senior brother Pei s.It s dangerous here.If something happens suddenly, I can protect senior brother here.Although he was reluctant, Su Qingheng was right.He is a alchemist, majoring in medical skills, if there is a sudden change, Su Qingheng will indeed help Lu Xun more than him.Pei Yu summoned the Immortal Sword and was about to leave when Su Qingheng asked a non critical question.Is the sword tassel on your fairy sword a gift from senior brother Pei Yu The defensive sword tassel is really suitable for you.I will pay more attention to some defensive immortal artifacts for Senior Brother Pei.Pei Yu Okay, he understands.Su Qingheng is remembering grudges, and what he pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction multiply male enhancement pills remembers is still several years ago No, I was just teasing you before, why are you so serious.

Lu Xun knew that Su Qingheng s perception of devil energy was very strong, but he didn t expect him to be so sensitive not only to devil energy.Su Qingheng, who has broken through the golden core stage, can still identify the identity of the other party through the magic energy, which is a bit scary.Lu Xun also had to admit that he had seen it before, and he turned his back to Su Qingheng, his eyes darkened, was Su Qingheng suspicious of him Lu Xun has already determined that when he was in the underground gambling house, he took the jade pendant of the masked magician, and Su pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction Qingheng must have seen it.But why did he deliberately remind Gu Yunzhou and cover for him when Gu Yunzhou came over It s a little stained, Su Qingheng said.He lowered his eyes, and the thick upper eyelashes swept across the eyelids, casting a shadow.

You didn t have accessdatafda a good rest yesterday, and you don t sleep today ink pill v 25 For monks, it s no problem to stay up for a few days, and even use meditation instead of sleeping to be more energetic the next day.But Lu Xun firmly believes that practice is practice, sleep is sleep, and should not be confused.He directly pulled Su Qingheng to the bedside, not giving him a chance to refuse, and said forcefully, Lie down by yourself.Su Qingheng hesitated for a moment, and hesitated for a moment when he met Shanglu Xun s undeniable gaze.Brother, should you sleep in I wake up early in the morning.Lu Xun took off his shoes and lay down on the bed, staring at Su Qingheng, and patted the empty space beside him, Hurry up, I m going to sleep.Su Qingheng Obey his words and climb into bed obediently.Fortunately, the bed is so big that two people don t feel crowded when lying on it.

Lu Xun snapped his fingers, the fire in the oil lamp went out, and the room fell into darkness, but there was a faint light from the firewood burning in the brazier.Aren t you going to sleep in In the darkness, Lu Xun s voice pierced the silence.No need The bed is so big, don t sleep on the edge of it, it s falling in the middle of the night.Lu Xun advised him.No, Lu Xun said helplessly, but the quilt is small, if you don t sleep in, the quilt won t cover you.Just as Su Qingheng was about to speak, Lu Xun said again Don t say you re not cold.Just sleep when you sleep, and don t use your spiritual power indiscriminately.It s freezing and snowy, even if the house is on fire, the cold air penetrates everywhere.Su Qingheng has been using spiritual power to regulate his body temperature, so naturally he doesn t feel cold.

Last year it was New Year s Eve, but this year it should be earlier.The corner of Lu Xun s mouth curled up with a hint of sarcasm.Afraid of sudden changes, do you want to send me to sacrifice early The men didn t know how to answer, because they only received a message from the old patriarch that this year s sacrifice was brought forward, and it was indeed brought up after Lu Xun appeared.Let s go, you ll be discovered if you stay too long.After the two went down the mountain together, Lu Xun went to find Su Qingheng and told him the whole story.Brother, do you want to wait until the sacrifice Lu Xun shook his head, It s been too long, let .

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s visit the old patriarch tonight.Suddenly remembering something, Lu Xun asked again Why hasn t Pei Yu come yet I just contacted him, and he said that Xiaobai is missing, and he searched all night yesterday but couldn t find it.

He didn t know whether it was affected by the memory of the original owner, or he himself was used to living in this world.It felt like there was no urgency to leave.Because he knows nothing about the other world.Actually the system made a start, but it still didn t say it in the end.Lulu, I won t interfere in whatever you want to do.You can do whatever you like with other plots.But you have to go with the enchanted plot.The system said to Lu Xun solemnly and seriously.Since the system says this is a world in a book, it has to be based on the plot line.But the system never restricts what he can do, and he is often offline.Except when he first arrived, the system was worried that he would not adapt, and was almost there on call.But later, the system rarely appeared, so many times, Lu Xun felt that the system didn t care about the plot at all.

Lu Xun Pei Yu The senior brothers of Wanhuamen The youth headed by Excuse me said to Lu Xun and the others At the head of Wanhuamen Disciples, Xiao Ye.These are my juniors.At the Immortal Gate Conference five years ago, everyone met each other.After exchanging names, Xiao Ye said again The Immortal Gate Conference is coming soon.nagging.Senior brother Xiao, you are welcome.Lu Xun s etiquette is considered comprehensive, Xiao Ye is older than them, so it is appropriate to call a senior brother.The two immortals are not here Xiao Ye smiled gently, Junior brother Lao Lu is concerned, because there are still some trivial matters in the school that have not been dealt with, the masters will not arrive until tomorrow.Lu Xun led a group of people to the meeting hall, and Pei Yu had already gone one step ahead to inform Feng Changmian.

He leaned on the table leg, his eyes were fierce.Lu Xun wanted to go up to help him, but Li Mo didn t recognize anyone at all, his eyes were terribly red.Su Qingheng s eyes swept over and landed on the brocade belt that had been taken apart a little on the ground, and he walked over to pick it up.Seeing that Lu Xun was about to step forward, Su Qingheng was worried that Li Mo, who was unconscious, would hurt someone, so he walked over and pulled Lu Xun up.I ll come His voice was deep and steady, Lu Xun stepped aside, Su Qingheng directly tore off the brocade belt, inside was a small and exquisite porcelain bottle, the bottle was uncorked, and there were more than a dozen black pills inside.Without any hesitation, Su Qingheng webmd male enhancement pills pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction grabbed Li Mo s chin with one hand, forced him to open his mouth, and poured the pills from the porcelain bottle into his mouth without saying anything.

No problem, the pulse condition is strong and powerful, the spiritual power is abundant, and the physical strength should be good.Su Qingheng was confused, What are you talking about At the corner, I saw Su Qingheng arguing with Pei Yula.What are you doing Su Qingheng didn t say a word, Pei Yu pulled him aside, Come here He looked at Su Qingheng, and whispered on the same road as Xun Xun Isn t your little brother still alive Don t you best male enhancement pills 2014 clen erectile dysfunction usually care about him Why don t you pay attention to his health.He is eighteen Lu Xun was confused at first, and it took a while to realize what Pei Yu was saying.Wait, you don t have any unreasonable thoughts about my junior brother, do you Lu Xun s eyes gradually became vigilant, but they relaxed again after a while.Don t think about it, he can t hold anything else in his heart except for cultivation.

No wonder Cheng Yuanzhen bought the magic weapon without money.It turns out that the Cheng family is so rich.Money Ah Xun, do you think it s too late for me to hug Cheng Yuanzhen s thigh Lu Xun gave Pei Yu a cool look, If you are willing to best male enhancement pills 2014 clen erectile dysfunction let him shave your eyebrows and strip your clothes , running wildly in the street in obscene pants, or Cheng Yuanzhen and Pei Yu were extremely at odds, since they first joined the teacher, there was a small quarrel every three days, and a big quarrel every five days.The nose was bruised and the face was swollen, the kind that didn t show favor to the other party.Once, Cheng Yuanzhen broke Lu Xun s favorite jade pendant.Pei Yu was so angry that he sneaked into Cheng Yuanzhen s room at night and secretly shaved off his eyebrows.The next day Cheng Yuanzhen went to morning class and was embarrassed.

Brother Gu is polite, I will bring Lu Xun with you tomorrow.I like him very much.Cheng Sijue didn t understand how male enhancement pills that works his elder brother treated Lu Xun Where does the special feature come from, but you will always know if you get in touch with it more.And he felt that his elder brother also hoped that Lu Xun could come.good Cheng Siyan and Lu Xun on pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction the side smiled, Come with your elder brother tomorrow Lu Xun nodded in response.Then let s go.Cheng Sijue turned to leave, but Cheng Siyan looked at Cheng Yuanzhen.Aren t you going back Cheng Yuanzhen s eyes lit up, but quickly darkened again.No, it s fine for me to live here with my brothers and sisters.Cheng Sijue said immediately, not caring what outsiders thought.Pretend what Don t you always want to come back Si Jue was called out by Cheng Siyan, who reluctantly shut up.

Where will Li Mo be taken Su Qingheng looked at Lu Xun, Senior brother still doesn t believe me How do you know If senior brother believes me, then we will Let s go together.If you don t believe me, then I will go wherever the senior brother is going, and don t try to just find a reason to throw me away.Lu Xun said slowly Then I will seriously find a reason Su Qingheng was expressionless, but Lu Xun But Xun saw the look of try it on his face.Immediately gave up the tossing, Okay, let s go together.But you have to promise me a condition.Su Qingheng was not pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction surprised that Lu Xun would say this, and raised his chin a little, wanting to hear what Lu Xun had to say.Let s go pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction together, but you have to obey my orders.Su Qingheng smiled suddenly, Brother, you ve got it wrong.Ah Lu Xun looked blank, and Su Qingheng s deep and pleasant voice rang in his ears.

Seeing that his brother was so easy pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction to talk to today, he was a bit aggressive, Then can I drive Cheng Jiu out No.I asked Dad, Cheng Jiu is only here for a few days, don t recruit him.Liar, I didn t find it at all.Cheng Sijue shattered the illusion with a palm, and didn t want to see Cheng Siyan in the illusion again.He turned around bulgingly, wanting to find Lu Xun and Su Qingheng, but before he could lift his feet, he saw a thin figure walking against the light.As he approached step by step, Cheng Sijue pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction raised his hand to cover the light, and half closed his eyes to see the people walking by.The man approached and stretched out a hand towards Cheng Sijue, and a gentle voice came.Do you want to hold me That way we won t get separated.Cheng Sijue looked at him blankly, and seemed to see that little figure again in a trance, and said to him in a slightly childish voice.

Anyway, everyone else is here, and Gu Yunzhou can t stop him, so he should rush over as soon as possible Go, go in and clen erectile dysfunction all night long extreme male enhancement pills have a look.Cheng Sijue walked in the front.Because of Cheng Yuanzhen s matter, he was holding fire in his heart but had nowhere to vent it.He also wanted to make a fuss here.Su Qingheng and Lu Xun followed him, and the three sneaked into the cave and found the gathering There are a lot of demon cultivators, and they should be one of the sub helms of the demon clan.Why don t you wait for my elder brother to come over and go in Lu Xun is not afraid, but he is afraid that Cheng Sijue and Su Qingheng will suffer in a real fight.After all, the demon cultivators have the advantage.If there are demon cultivators at the Jindan stage or above again, don t talk about the three of them.

He supported the ground with one hand and held Lu Xun in the other, beads of sweat kept dripping from his forehead.Now that Lu Xun is unconscious, he can t fall down like this.If the demon cultivator catches up with Lu Xun, it will be in danger.Su Qingheng endured the discomfort caused by the mutual repulsion of spiritual power and devil energy, and picked up Lu Xun to find a shelter first When Lu Xun woke up, he found himself lying on Su Qingheng s lap, and behind Su Qingheng was a huge rock surrounded by dense grass.Su Qingheng looked very tired, with his back leaning against the rock, he didn t know if he had fallen asleep or passed out.Lu Xun s recovery ability is very strong.After a short sleep, he regained his spiritual power.The palm hit by Moxiu on his chest is also healing itself due to vomited blood.

So the little princess ate a poisoned apple, and the tail of the fish turned into legs, and was rescued by the little prince who went fishing Lulu seriously Nodding his head, Cheng Sijue laughed unceremoniously, Do you want to go fishing Hearing Cheng Sijuan s ridicule, Lu Lu put on a straight face and became unhappy all of a sudden.Cheng Siyan coughed and held back a smile to comfort him, Don t pay attention to him, our Lulu must be the little prince, let your second brother go fishing by himself.Why Cheng Sijue is only six years old this year , is the age that likes to be praised.My eldest brother is usually mature and has won a lot of praise from Mrs.Cheng, so Cheng Sijue has followed suit, often pretending to be mature with a straight face, and likes to fight against Cheng Siyan.Seeing Cheng Siyan coaxing him, Cheng Sijue wanted to bully him even more.

Lu Xun originally I didn t care too much, but after hearing what Pei Yu said, I m a little sorry when you say that.Right Pei Yu smiled and said, Then you go around more, maybe you can see Cheng Yuanzhen s rich and wonderful expressions Laughing, the group of people was not in a hurry to go back, even though they came to participate in the Xianmen Conference, before the conference, they were originally asked to come out to relax and play, the four of them wandered around Qiongzhou Town for a while, and finally stopped at a teahouse Rest your feet.A few people were sitting on the second floor, by the window, so they could see the streets full of people coming and going.I didn t expect Qiongzhou City to be so lively.Pei Yu took a sip of tea, I heard people say that Qiongzhou Town is a poor and remote place, but I didn t expect it to be so prosperous now.

But in fact, after the demon cultivators broke into the house, little Su Qingheng was hidden by her parents in a dry well, and she never saw the demon cultivators killing people with her own eyes, but imagining it would be more terrifying than seeing it with her own eyes.When Su Qingheng crawled out from the bottom of the well, the demon cultivator had already left, leaving corpses are gas station male enhancement pills safe pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction strewn all over the place, Su Qingheng had nowhere to go, what came to mind was not panic, but bewilderment.That day, it rained all night.Little Su Qingheng found an open space in the back mountain against the rain, and dug a whole night before he dug a hole.Because of his young age, he couldn t hold the corpse, so he could only half drag and half hold it.From the guards who accompany him to practice swords, to the maids who take pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction care of his daily life on weekdays, to the cooks who can prepare meals, and finally pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction to the kind and friendly housekeeper uncle.

Although Cheng Yuanzhen s thoughts were really wrong, but he was also a blood brother, so talking about his younger brother in front of outsiders was such a bad relationship.Lu Xun didn t want to get involved in other people s family affairs, so he dropped the topic after a few words.What interesting places are there in Qiongzhou City There are so many interesting places.Cheng Sijue is a fun loving person, and he talked about it a lot.After introducing several places to Lu Xun, You don t know the way., how about I take you guys to play Lu Xun has no objection, it is of course good to have someone take you with him.Cheng Sijue was supervised by Cheng Siyan for a few days, and he finally had time to play.He found a like minded playmate, and he was very excited.The two chatted endlessly, and Su Qingheng only felt noisy.

It making it bigger s the incense here, which is poisonous.So, you lied about the antidote as delusion water and tricked them into drinking it.You also deliberately made me think that there was something wrong with the delusion water.Spit out the water, you are waiting for the poison of the incense to spread in my body.It s pretty smart, there are many beautiful women, and there are also smart people, and there are not many who are both smart and beautiful.The young man in the gray Taoist robe who came in stared at Lu Xun with naked eyes.That sight made Lu Xun feel very uncomfortable, like the snake he hates the most, cold and slippery, Lu Xun made disgusting and Cheng Yuanzhen sneered, What s the use nateslife female viagra of being smart If you are not smart, you will be misunderstood by it.If you drink it directly That delusion will be fine.

His eyes scanned the room, and finally fell on the cracked pillar, and his thoughts turned.He couldn t beat Su Qingheng, and he wouldn t be stupid enough to fight recklessly, but if the house collapsed, Su Qingheng s first reaction would not be to catch them, but to protect Lu Xun, so that he would have time to escape.As for his eyes falling on the immobile Young Master Ji best male enhancement pills 2014 clen erectile dysfunction and Young Master Jiang, the mocking smile on the corner of his mouth has nothing to do with him.At that time, you only need to tell the outside world that Lu Xun was stunned and wanted to hurt people, and Master Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction Ji and Master Jiang had no time to escape.As long pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction as they went to explore Lu Xun s body, they would be able to find the devilish energy in Lu Xun s body.Yuan Liang suppressed the smile on the corner of his mouth so that he could clean himself up.

He naively thought that he could escape by the collapse of the Yaji Pavilion.But he didn pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction multiply male enhancement pills t want to make Lu Xun unhappy with the bumping and shaking caused by the attack on the column.The Yaji Pavilion was still shaking, when I suddenly heard Gu Yunzhou s voice coming from the wing not far away, pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction Axun, junior brother.Gu Yunzhou and Pei Yu didn t see Lu Xun and Su Qingheng, so they turned back again, and they were looking at each other.If you re looking for a room, you should find this one as soon as you hear the sound.Master Ji s eyes widened, and he shouted loudly, Here, here.Young Master Jiang also shouted, Fellow Daoist Pei, we are here.But the formation in the room had not yet failed, and the sound could not be heard.With a sullen face, Lu Xun walked up to Young Master Jiang in a flash, staring at him with red eyes, and without a weapon in his hand, he raised his fist, and Young Master Jiang fainted immediately.

Lu Xun So, then they all know Is there any reason for him to betray the teacher Seeing the doubts on Lu Xun s face, Feng Changmian said again I know you can t accept it for a while, but I have never seen anyone who can convert demonic energy into spiritual power in a hundred years.Lu Xun Wait, what does it mean to turn demonic energy into spiritual power pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction The more Lu Xun listened, the more astonished he became.Back then, when Meng Lingyue brought Lu Xun back to the teacher s gate, Lu Xun himself no longer remembered what happened before the Devil s Nest, who he was, or where he lived.They all thought that pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction Lu Xun was less than five years old, but it was Fu Hengxue who felt his bones later and found out that he was already six years old, but he was so thin and weak, like an abandoned puppy.However, this timid little puppy is infected with demonic energy, and will be controlled by the demonic energy when he is in a nightmare, and Qi best male enhancement pills 2014 clen erectile dysfunction Xing Palace will be almost destroyed by him, like a little mad dog.

What do you want to do with me There was no one around, and after waiting for a while, a man wearing a bamboo hat stood up.His face was covered with dozens of scars, and his original appearance could not be seen at all, but the devilish energy on his body could not be pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction suppressed.Live leaked.Cheng Yuanzhen immediately drew his sword and stared at him vigilantly.The demon sneered, Can you still use a sword in your right hand Cheng Yuanzhen bit his lip and stared at him, the demon raised the corner of his mouth, and his smile touched the pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction centipede like scar, making it more permeable.I really feel sorry for you.A well behaved disciple of the sect should be sought after by the younger brothers and younger sisters, but now he has ended up like pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction this.Can you really just swallow this bad breath like this What does it matter to you Of course it does.

But when a few people came back, there was a downpour of rain on the way.The food reception turned into a ginger soup reception, and I was a little tired after meeting several people, Madam Cheng was also inconvenient to disturb, Madam Cheng was a little disappointed, but when she thought of having breakfast with Lu Xun the next day, that disappointment was replaced by excitement.Mrs.Cheng heard the maid s question when she entered the door, and blue stamina pills her eyes fell on the plate of sweet and sour pork ribs.Madam Cheng smiled, Don t Xiao Xun like sweet and sour pork ribs Lu Xun didn t expect Mrs.Cheng to come over , It was a bit of a surprise, he said.No, I just find it strange.I like eating sweet and sour pork ribs very much.Lu Xun replied seriously, It s sweet, and even your mood becomes beautiful.

They were peaceful on the surface, but they were actually checking and balancing each other, and no one wanted to be compared.And this time, none of the four great immortal sects participated in the Immortal Gate Conference, and their attitudes were obvious.Some small sects had already weighed the pros and cons and secretly stood in line.Even before the demons invaded, the four immortal sects could no longer maintain the peace on the surface and went to war directly.But it s useless to discuss this.The four great immortal sects are not controlled by them.The Xuanshan sect is a small sect, and the pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction pills for sexually active woman creation time is short.The most important reason why Xuanshan Sect can develop into one of the top ten sects is that the strength of the four Feng Changmian brothers cannot be underestimated.But few people know that the four immortals of the Xuanshan School are not from the same sect.

After Su Qingheng lost his mind for an unknown number of times, he said a little embarrassedly I m sorry, I won t be able to.As he spoke, he took action to prove that he really wanted to help.Senior Brother Pei, why are you pretending to be dewy Pei Yu got up early today just to pretend to be dewy.I thought it would take a long time to pretend to be alone, but I didn t expect to meet Su Qingheng who was sitting on the corridor in a daze.This is very strange.Su Qingheng got up early in the morning.This meditation exercise is normal.Pei Yu didn t think there was anything wrong, but it was a little unbelievable for Su Qingheng to sit here in a daze.Seeing that Su Qingheng was not doing anything, Pei Yu called him politely to help put on the dew.Do medicine guide When it came to Su Qingheng s knowledge blind spot, he didn t ask too much, but Pei Yu felt that something was wrong with Su Qingheng today.

Jiang Chuchu regained her coldness and indifference, as if she wasn t the one who was ecstatic just now.By the pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction way, I just combed your tendons, and the devil energy in your body was sealed again.Lu Xun looked at her unexpectedly, it turned out that Jiang Chuchu also knew that there was devil energy in his body.When Lu Xun suddenly remembered something, he remembered that the masked demon cultivator often helped Jiang Chuchu and the original owner pass on messages.From the analysis of the content of the two messages, the original owner seemed to be preventing Jiang Chuchu from doing anything, but Jiang Chuchu didn t listen.Fortunately, he didn t reveal that he also lost his memory now, and fortunately, the original owner had never seen the grown up Jiang Chuchu, and the connection between the two was through the masked magician.

Zhou Rongrong stared at the two of them for a while, I see.Seeing that he believed it, Lu Xun just breathed a sigh of relief, then heard Zhou Rongrong say again.You haven t made it public yet, don t worry, I will never tell anyone else.Lu Xun Su Qingheng looked a little wanting to laugh.Lu Xun explained very seriously, but finally ended the conversation with Zhou Rongrong s strange understanding.Okay, Senior Brother.Su Qingheng suppressed a smile, Junior Sister Zhou has a very good understanding, so there s no need to make it difficult for her.Lu Xun was a little frustrated, not because pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction he was misunderstood by Zhou Rongrong, but because she couldn t speak to Zhou Rongrong.The desire to win or lose always appeared inexplicably, and he still couldn t be reconciled after thinking about it.Just as he was about to talk to Zhou Rongrong again, when he raised his eyes, he caught a glimpse of two figures coming from the other end of the path.

Gu Yunzhou didn t look through it directly, but handed it to Zhou Rongrong.He naturally wouldn t look through the girl s storage ring, but Zhou Rongrong is also a girl, so there is nothing to avoid.Look at it.Finding something was wrong, she shook her head towards Gu Yunzhou.Finally, Gu Yunzhou agreed, and Wan Chongyu didn t have much to say.Later, Gu Yunzhou and Wan Chongyu watched the night together.They kept watch in the middle of the night, and when everyone fell asleep, Only then did Wan Chongyu ask, It s not like you to leave someone behind so easily.Gu Yunzhou did not explain, but said, If you are worried, you can pay more attention.Wan Chongyu nodded, and asked again.You entered the secret realm last time, and you broke through best male enhancement pills 2014 clen erectile dysfunction the Nascent Soul Stage after you left.This time, you won t have to break through again before me, will you Gu Yunzhou was quite indifferent to the treasures of heaven and earth or chance, and only said after hearing the words It s just a coincidence.

Gu Yunzhou doesn Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction t know the way, but he can rely on the spiritual power he released to explore the way ahead.Going this way I walked around the cave for a long time, and finally came to the water pool, where there were wisps of mist on the surface of the water.Is this hot water Pei Yu felt strange, the cave was so dark and cold, how could the water be hot He took a few steps forward, wanting to reach out to get rid of the water, but within a finger s distance from the water surface, Gu Yunzhou suddenly grabbed his wrist and said, Don t touch it randomly.Pei Yu withdrew his hand cowardly, and walked towards Lu Xun weakly.Go, Aren t you curious What are you curious about Pei Yu pointed to the steaming pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction water, and Lu Xun shook his head firmly, pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction The desire to survive made me lose my curiosity.Think this water is not ordinary water.

But he doesn t have the habit of spying on other people s love, where did he see it Lu Xun s mind can low body fat cause erectile dysfunction was spinning rapidly.Before he could come up with a result, the man in black in the room let go of the man in the red robe.The man in red was gorgeous and was panting slightly while clutching his chest.Suddenly raising his head, Lu Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction Xun staggered in fright.At this moment, this beautiful beauty s eyes are sparkling, her can cold medicine cause erectile dysfunction red lips are moist, and her clothes boner spurs are half faded, she is almost luring others to go to Wushan with him.Hold Lu Xun fell into a daze.Because what he saw was none other than Lu Xun himself, the defenseless man in red who was kissed.Lu Xun was so shocked by this scene that he forgot to react.I saw the man in black bent down and picked up Lu Xun by the waist, and walked towards the bed beside him.

Lu Xun recovered from his thoughts, and looked at Su Qingheng blankly.Facing Su Qingheng s clear eyes, Lu Xun sighed clen erectile dysfunction all night long extreme male enhancement pills slightly in his heart, no wonder Su Qingheng didn t let him look at them just now.It Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction s too shameful to watch the scene of being kissed by someone with my junior brother.But fortunately, Su Qingheng dragged him out, otherwise Lu Xun, who was so calm on weekdays and didn t know what shyness was, would feel a little hot when Su Qingheng saw the later scene.Mainly because of embarrassment.But looking back, it was kind of weird.Su Qingheng stood there stupidly, watching him kiss someone How to think how awkward.Su Qingheng shouldn t have any strange and unknown hobbies, right Lu Xun observed Su Qingheng calmly, but saw that his eyes were clear, and he didn t look like him, so why did he stand at the door But it s not right either.

Su Qingheng has nightmares Not only Pei Yu, but also several senior brothers were surprised.Su Qingheng looked cold and calm, and he didn t seem to be trapped by nightmares.Although Su Qingheng is very strong, he will not be embarrassed by his brothers inquiries, and admits generously, I have had some bad dreams these few days.Pei Yu understood, searched in the storage ring, and took out A small porcelain bottle was handed to Su Qingheng.I can only give you Ningxin Pill first.Pei Yu said, I ll prepare it for you after I get out of the secret realm.Well, thank you, Senior Brother Pei.It was a false alarm, but nothing serious happened.But you can t stay in the cave all the time, Gu Yunzhou stared and thought.He can be very sure that he walked out of this cave a few years ago, so it is absolutely impossible not to get out.

As soon as Gu Yunzhou finished speaking, the disciples spontaneously divided into groups and found their teammates.Jiang Chuchu, who had been quietly absent, was isolated by the team.Both he and Xu Yi joined the team halfway, so they could only be inserted into other teams.Since Jiang Chuchu Yirong appeared here, Lu Xun knew that Jiang Chuchu must be here for some purpose, and Gu Yunzhou was in Lu Xun s group, if Jiang Chuchu wanted to do something, he couldn t escape Gu Yunzhou s eyes.Therefore, if Jiang Chuchu wants to continue to conceal his identity, he will definitely choose another team.It is best to continue to treat her as a transparent person, so that it is convenient for her to act.As for Xu Yi.Gu Yunzhou thought that his variables were too big, and he was in the foundation building stage, and the secret realm was too dangerous.

After hearing this, Su pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction multiply male enhancement pills Qingheng had no expression on his face, and he didn t even intend to question Lu Xun.Aren t you going to ask Pei Yu was in a hurry, he was still waiting to hear the reason by the way, why didn t Su Qingheng ask.Su Qingheng looked at Pei Yu, as if he had guessed Pei Yu s intentions, and said mockingly.Senior brother can t like Xu Yi if he likes anyone.He had never heard of it.Pei Yu was taken aback by Lu Xun s affirmation, and opened his mouth to ask why , but Su Qingheng smiled.I know what you re curious about, but I won t ask in front of you, I ll ask senior brother in private.Pei Yu It s okay to be laughed at by Lu Xun, even Su Qingheng dared to laugh at him so blatantly.Su Qingheng dropped a sentence, suppressed the look on his face, and strode towards Lu Xun in front of him.

Senior Brother Gu, I, I found the magic weapon.Zhou Rongrong completely regarded the trial of the secret realm as a treasure hunt game, and was very happy that she was the first to find the magic weapon.Gu Yunzhou picked it up and looked at it for a moment, It s a baby, defensive, wear it, it can defend yourself.Zhou Rongrong actually didn t care much about the power of the magic weapon, she just thought that the treasure hunt game was very fun, and she heard that it was very fun.The magic weapon is tied around the neck.You re so lucky, aren t you Zhou Rongrong said eagerly with a smile on her face.Hurry up, hurry up, let s go faster, I must get more magic weapons than my brothers.Lu Xun It really is the desire to win and lose that exists all the time.Pei Yu didn t have a deep impression of Zhou Rongrong before, he only knew that the other party was a little talented, but since the bathing incident that day, Zhou Rongrong almost refreshed Pei Yu s new understanding.

Whenever he was free, Lu Xun endured Unable to act like a demon, he stretched out his index finger and poked Su Qingheng s earlobe, Your ear is so cute, it s even shy.Su Qingheng pursed his lower lip, Don t touch it As he said this, Lu Xuntouched became more joyful, I ll touch it Su Qingheng He reached out and grabbed Lu Xun s disobedient fingers, and the atmosphere calmed down.It was only then that I realized the weirdness of this posture.Lu Xun s beautiful eyelashes were still a little wet, the corners of his eyes were slightly red, and the delicate face lined by his tall nose bridge became even more gorgeous and seductive.Su Qingheng s Adam s apple rolled unnaturally, and under clen erectile dysfunction all night long extreme male enhancement pills his gaze Moved, and inadvertently saw that frivolous little red mole on Lu Xun s collarbone.His heart beat a little faster unconsciously, and the two were so erectile dysfunction generic drugs close that Lu Xun also heard Su Qingheng s slightly faster heartbeat.

You re here, I don t worry.Take them to a place to rest, and I ll be back soon.Lu Xun wanted to say something else, but Su Qingheng said.I ll go with senior brother.Gu Yunzhou hesitated, but Lu Xun didn t give him a chance to refuse this time.Eldest brother, there are not so many people here, and Pei Yu is also here.I can always go with my junior brother, right And you are slow to find it by yourself.If you are not at ease, let your junior brother go with you.He has a good nose, so he should be able to find someone pretty quickly.Su Qingheng with a good nose Su Qingheng wanted to explain that he was just sensitive to breath, and the one with a good nose was a puppy, but in the current situation, it is not suitable to say this.In the end, Gu Yunzhou compromised, and Su Qingheng volunteered to follow.

In the end, it still fell into Gu Yunzhou s chest, Lu Xun s eyes widened, No Gu Yunzhou smiled suddenly, the blood on the corner of his mouth hadn t been pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction wiped off, and he didn t care at all, he didn t have the usual gentle look at all.He stretched out his hand to hold Moxiu, and when he didn t know why, a talisman was attached to him, it was a teleportation talisman.Casting spells can take people hundreds of miles away.When Moxiu reacted, the talisman had already taken effect, he held Gu Yunzhou tightly, and forced them to be taken away from Jin Guangyi, and pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction the figures of the two disappeared best male enhancement pills 2014 clen erectile dysfunction instantly.Lu Xun s heart sank, and he struggled to get up on the ground.As soon as the cloak demon cultivator left, there was no coercion around.The other demon cultivators finally got up from the ground, looked at each other, and pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction multiply male enhancement pills surrounded Lu Xun in the middle.

You didn t go out Moxiu suddenly smiled.Jiang Chuchu s expression froze, and he opened his mouth to speak, but Moxiu s palms were forced hard, and the words that came out turned into weak coughs.Tsk, the devil is a devil, and he doesn t know how to pity the fragrance and cherish the jade.Lu Xun fell from the tree lightly.All the devilish energy that he had deliberately concealed for the past clen erectile dysfunction few days showed up, and a bright red plum blossom suddenly flashed between his eyebrows, and the color became darker and darker.Lu Xun just stood there, letting the devilish energy infect his whole body, the corner of his lips curled up, and a wave of devilish energy that seemed to be absent floated behind Moxiu.Lu Xun stepped forward and walked towards Moxiu.Do you want to know where the Life Grass is Moxiu frowned, Don t come here, or I ll kill her.

Before he could react, his back was pierced by a long sword.Lu Xun in front of him smiled brightly, and the demon turned his head, and behind him was another Lu Xun who was wearing a red dress and holding a long sword.It s just that the body is translucent.You Mozun dodged Lu Xun s attack, and retreated again and again, with a look of astonishment on his face.It s impossible.Lu Xun s voice was clear, Why is it impossible You taught me that the soul is out of the body.Mozun s eyes widened, and he looked at Lu Xun in disbelief.It was the trick he used against Lu Xun when he captured Gu Yunzhou that day.Lu Xun was slapped at that time, and he was in a daze.And he only used it once, so Lu Xun learned it like that How is this possible Is my study okay Lu Xun smiled brightly, which was extremely dazzling in Mozun s eyes.

Please enter the urn.Cheer up and divide into two waves.The disciples on the periphery try to hold back the attacking demon webmd male enhancement pills pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction top male enhancements pills that work cultivators as much as possible, and the rest rest on the spot.We can only use the method of wheel warfare, taking turns to rest and attack, hoping that the attacking demon cultivators will not be too aggressive.If there are too many, otherwise they will not be able to withstand the attack at all if they are divided into two groups.Brother Su Qingheng leaned over.In fact, he didn t really want Lu Xun to participate in this siege.No one knew that Lu Xun had fallen into a demon, but Su Qingheng saw it with his own eyes in a secret place, but he didn t ask anything, so Lu Xun didn t say anything.Su Qingheng stared at Lu Xun distractedly, and if he really wanted to fight, unless Lu Xun didn t fight back, he couldn t hide his devilish aura at all.

Lu Xun retorted not to be outdone.Lu Xun kept moving his hands, and forcibly pulled off Jing Ran s black robe.You, you and I take it off by ourselves.Jing Ran put his hands on his chest, still thinking.You righteous gentlemen, why do you like to pick up people s clothes Who else has picked up your clothes Of course.Jing Ran suddenly stopped talking, blushing.No one Lu Xun put on his mask, except for a pair of plain white hands exposed to the air, his whole body was tightly wrapped.Immediately, the immortals restrained their minds and once again gathered their strength to attack the demon.There was a loud bang.The cave suddenly collapsed, and the rocks fell one after another.Lu Xun pulled Jing Ran to avoid the huge rocks falling from the top of his head.The two of them were dyed with lavender light, and when the rock fell, they directly avoided where they were.

Lu Xun choked back his uncomfortable smile, his eyes fell on Jing Ran s deceptive face.Give me back the mask.Jing Ran tore off Lu Xun s mask and put it on for herself.Stop laughing Okay Lu Xun readily agreed, but his voice was still smiling.Jing Ran became even angrier, Return the clothes to me Okay Lu Xun acted like he would follow you in everything, which really made Jing Ran not angry, but a little ashamed and angry.After the two exchanged clothes, Jing Ran asked him.What are you going to do next It is impossible for Lu Xun to stay at the master s gate, even if he is not discovered now, but with so many close people around him, his identity will be revealed one day.Go back to the teacher s gate first, and we ll talk about avlimil it when the time comes.Jing Ran was silent for a moment, If, if you have nowhere to go, you can come to the Demon Race to find me.

They can still be the same as before.Now Su Qingheng is like that poor kitten from before, snuggling in Lu Xun s arms.Lu Xun s heart softened into a puddle of spring water, he could feel Su Qingheng s uneasiness and sadness, he wished he could give everything he could to Su Qingheng in front of Su Qingheng.As before, coax him to be happy.But Lu Xun didn t have anything, he had nothing else to give to Su Qingheng except the magic weapon of the spirit stone.He could only pat Su Qingheng on the shoulder and comfort him.Don t be sad, I m very distressed.Su Qingheng didn t speak, but hugged Lu Xun tighter, wanting to rub him into his own flesh and blood, and integrate him with himself, so that Lu Xun would not leave him.His voice was low and cautious, as if he was afraid of disturbing the butterfly resting on the petals, he wanted to get close but was afraid that the butterfly would fly away.

Lu Xun raised his eyes blankly What s wrong Su Qingheng raised his hand to Lu Xun s lips, motioning him not to speak.Lu Xun Although he didn t know why, Lu Xun nodded.The gap was crowded, but it wasn t as intimate as when they hugged just now.The two of them were very close, and Lu Xun s breath was all on Su Qingheng s neck.He could feel the momentary stiffness and unnaturalness of Su Qingheng s body.After a while, he webmd male enhancement pills pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction touched Su Qingheng lightly and can male enhancement pills kill you asked with his eyes.Su Qingheng lowered his voice, Wait a little longer, we haven t gone far yet.Who The demons have already been driven back to the sub rudder by Jing Ran, could it be that they are alone Pei Yu Lu Xun Lu Xun blinked, and after making sure he had heard correctly, he looked at Su Qingheng suspiciously.Why do you want to hide from Pei Yu Pei Yu obviously came to find them.

It s getting dark, and if you go to other inns, there should be no rooms.After all, it doesn t matter if there are two big men squeezed together.Yes, yes.The shopkeeper put down the account book and came over.The bed in our store is big, and the two sons will not be crowded when they sleep together.There are a lot of visitors this season, and the store just has an extra room today.At this moment, a young man s voice came from outside the door.I want a guest room.Lu Xun turned his head and looked, only to think that the other party was also here to play.Worried that the last room would be taken away, he immediately took out his money and put it on the table.One room is just one room.The shopkeeper suddenly smiled, Xiao Er, take the two guests upstairs.Okay Xiao Er took the two of them up to the second floor, Lu Xun walked in front, and Su Qingheng followed , when he was at the corner, he pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction turned down, and the shopkeeper was already cheerfully going to greet the young man at the door.

Lu Xun also retreated for this reason.Naturally, he could not practice the magic way with other disciples, but the strange thing was that he could not practice the exercises of the Xuanshan School, but he could cultivate the mental methods.The mind method helps him to dredge his stagnant tendons.In order to suppress the evil energy in his body, he can only choose this method that hurts his body and hinders his practice.He purposely chose a mountaintop far away from the other senior brothers to retreat.He was supposed to only speak to Su Qingheng, but pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction multiply male enhancement pills Fu Hengxue wanted to see Su Qingheng s wounds, so Lu Xun didn t have time to tell pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction Su Qingheng.When he returned to Shimen from Luxi City, he always felt that Su Qingheng was having a fight with him, which was specifically manifested in not knowing where to go, and expressing his dissatisfaction with practical actions.

I apologize Jiming stepped forward and said.It s because I m not good at learning.Master Qiu clenched his hands under his sleeves into fists, but he didn t say anything after all.If Jiming didn t stand up, then this matter would not end.Everyone thought that this matter was over, and even Feng Changmian didn t say anything, but no one thought that I don t accept it.All eyes fell on Lu Xun.He just said he didn t accept it.I thought I heard it wrong, but he said he didn t accept it That s right.But even if you feel aggrieved by another person, you don t dare to show it like this.I think Lu Xun looks so handsome when he said this.To be honest, I think so too.A certain age Lu Xun s words made the young monk look handsome.I used to think that Lu Xun s appearance was too pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction glamorous, but now I m wrong, he s obviously very handsome Many young girls in the venue whispered, blushing and discussing in a low voice.

I don t know how Xuanshan faction teaches disciples, like Protecting Lu Xun like a dog, I really don t think of myself as a human being. Brother Jiming, why don t you speak Jiming is robust like viagra shook his head, I m really useless if I can t help Master today.Senior brother, how can I blame you.That Lu Xun is too treacherous.That s right The young man beside Jiming was proud.I heard that Lu Xun has been cultivating in the back mountain recently.Maybe tonight he humiliated senior brother in front of so many people and dared to look down on our holy temple.We just go to teach him a lesson.If Xuanshan The disciples of the school knew that Lu Xun, who was protected by them, had not only fallen into a demon, but also tortured and killed his fellow disciples, so Ji Ming glanced at his junior in surprise, but saw his junior look back at him as if inviting rewards, and told his plan out.

Lu Xun raised his eyebrows, I grew up here since I was a child, and I ll tell you where I want to go You guys are so unreasonable.Pei Yu stood up.Axun doesn t want to disturb the rest of the other disciples.Is there anything wrong with going to the back mountain to practice at night Just ask any disciple of the Xuanshan sect, and they all know about it.Several disciples of the Xuanshan sect immediately agreed, Yes, Senior Brother Lu is indeed practicing in the back mountain.Okay, it s okay for you to cultivate here, so you have practiced here for so many days, and you didn t realize that the evil energy here is so strong Jiming asked another question.Even if Lu Xun can stand here safe and sound now, it s hard to explain.At this moment, several disciples who had just left ran over in a hurry, Senior Brother Lu, why are there so many people Those people glanced at the people present, then looked at Jiming and Ji Li, You two masters Brother is good at calling people, asking us to find things for you, but hiding yourself, you must be playing tricks on us.

At that time, the time was not ripe, and the captured children were locked in the dungeon, and the demon king was irritable and often beat these children.Xiaoqi was in charge of guarding at that time.Lu Xun was originally in poor health and couldn t stand the cold and humidity of the dungeon, so he developed a high fever at night, but it was a blessing in disguise, he gave birth to spiritual roots and spiritual power, and he was still a healing system.Xiaoqi had seen Lu Xun heal the injured children more than once, secretly at night while the children were sleeping, he dared not let others know that he had spiritual power.At first, Xiao Qi pretended not to see it.Later, he discovered that Lu Xun didn t know how to control spiritual power at all, and often exhausted his spiritual power to heal people s injuries, and instead made himself exhausted.

Xiao Qi planned to take Lu Xun away.But Meng Lingyue stayed behind and brought both of them back to Xuanshan Sect.At first Xiao Qi was unwilling, but Meng Lingyue detained Lu Xun, so Xiao Qi could only follow.He thought that Meng Lingyue would not take care of pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction others at all.Later, Meng Lingyue accepted Lu Xun as his disciple, and Xiao Qi also I stopped thinking about leaving.He has no cultivation, so it s hard to protect himself, let alone take care of Lu Xun.For Lu Xun, he doesn t even have a place to live with him, so it s better to stay in Xuanshan Sect.It may be that Lu Xun didn t have a deep impression of him, or it may be that the dungeon was too dark one day, and Lu Xun really couldn t recognize him.He only regards him as a disciple of Xuanshan Sect, Xiao Qi wants to start anewI know Lu Xun, but I don t dare to get too close to Lu Xun, for fear that he will remember it someday.

There was a smile in Lu Xun s eyes, and Su Qingheng looked solemn, taking this confrontation extremely seriously.Brother, this is what you owe me A competition.I ll give it back to you.The corners of Lu Xun s lips raised, speaking in a voice that only the two of them could hear.At the previous Immortal Gate Conference, Lu Xun accepted Su Qingheng s invitation card, but failed to compete with him.He should have known how much Su Qingheng was best male enhancement pills 2014 clen erectile dysfunction looking forward to the confrontation with him.I won.Lu Xun raised his chin, announcing his victory like a proud cat.Su Qingheng s face was pale, but Lu Xun saw the hidden smile in his dark eyes.Su Qingheng put away the sword, and wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth with his thumb, his light cherry lips were stained with dark red, revealing a bit of sexiness that pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction he didn t realize.

Even through the helioscope, he webmd male enhancement pills pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction still has the aura of don t get close to strangers on his body, with a cold face, no expression can be seen.The current Su Qingheng has completely got rid of the childishness of a young man, her beautiful red phoenix eyes are calm, dark and somewhat unpredictable.Su Qingheng s expression was calm, without the tension of fighting to the death, but instead gave people a feeling of being out of the situation.Is Su Qingheng too busy I don t think he is here to run for the election.Lu Xun It must be that Feng Changmian has given him vitamins and herbs to help male fertility too many tasks, so he can only come here to hide and relax.Jing Ran said It s true.Jiang Chuchu was silent for a moment, and said Don t arrange Fengzhangmen like this.Su Qingheng may have come here with the mentality of focusing on participation.

Lu Xun hesitated whether to go to Gu Yunzhou, and was afraid of causing him trouble.The city is full of vitality stores monks, even if they disguise themselves and seal their devilish energy, they still have to be careful.Just thinking about it, there was a sudden movement outside the door.Brother Gu, pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction are you okay After a while, Gu Yunzhou s voice came, Okay Then let s go Where are we going As if answering the question in Lu Xun s heart, Gu Yunzhou s voice came again.Are we going to clen erectile dysfunction all night long extreme male enhancement pills Zuixianju Yes.It was the disciple s voice that answered him.They go to Zuixianju, they should go for dinner.Jing Ran has never been to Jiangdu, but he has heard of the reputation of Zuixianju, Jiangdu s No.1 restaurant, the cooks there can cook famous dishes from all over the world, and donde comprar viagra para mujer it is very popular.Shall pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction we eat there too Jing Ran s eyes sparkled, They should be celebrating Su Qingheng.

His face was flushed red, and he was about to lose consciousness when Lu Xun suddenly undid the spell.The black clothed friar lay on the ground gasping for air, escaped from death, and finally made him realize that Lu Xun wanted to crush him to death as easily as crushing an ant.The disparity in strength made him dare not say much, and looked at Lu Xun tremblingly.Su Qingheng didn t intervene, just stood there and looked at Lu Xun quietly.The eyes of the two met, pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction and Lu Xun quickly looked away.To be honest, none of the people here are my opponents.It s really easy to kill you.Lu Xun s tone was casual, and the hearts of those present trembled when they heard it.I don t like being slandered by others.I won t admit it if I didn t do it.Hearing this, everyone in a panic was stunned and looked at Lu Xun nervously.

Shangyan can still kill these snakes, and no matter how bad it is, he can hug Zhou Rongrong and leave first.You don t sleep in the middle of the night, what are you doing here I wanted to visit the room of the poor disciples at night.I always felt weird.I didn t expect to meet a night snake when I came out.You can still joke, you should There was no shadow left.Lu Xun raised his hand and flicked Zhou Rongrong s forehead, I need to talk to you brothers, girls, don t act alone.Oh Zhou Rongrong covered her forehead, I see.Zhou Rongrong looked up and saw a figure pudendal nerve damage and erectile dysfunction flash past.Senior brother, senior brother.Zhou Rongrong pulled Lu Xun s clothes, Look quickly A few roofs away, a figure in black was lying on the door furtively.Hush Knowing that Zhou Rongrong s legs were still weak, Lu Xun asked her to sit on the roof and wait for Su Qingheng, and chased after the black shadow himself.

He also drugged you The first time was after the battle between immortals and demons, Lu Xun and Su Qingheng stayed in Lincheng for one night, The man in black who broke into the room that day was Pei Yu s brother.But he took the wrong medicine.The second time was at the Xuanshan Sect s celebration.Pei Yu s elder brother came over and invited them to drink.The drug that induces madness is colorless and tasteless, even if it is mixed with wine, it cannot be distinguished.Ordinary people are fine if they drink it, but if Lu Xun drinks it, it will induce the evil energy in his body and cause him to lose control.Your demon cultivator s identity is also head Qiu who he revealed to the Temple of the Gods.That s why head Qiu thinks that Lu Xun is the devil cultivator.To Pei Yu s surprise, Lu Xun was not too surprised, He looked calm.

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